How to buy the safest imported goods?These “overseas shopping” procurement risks to know

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At present, omicron has become the dominant epidemic strain in the world, and the risk of importing omicron into China through people and objects is increasing gradually.Outbreaks caused by cold-chain goods or overseas mail have occurred in China.How should consumers “overseas shopping”?Is international mail elimination reassuring?How to deal with the possibility of “physical transmission”?How to buy imports the journalists in several overseas online shopping App website and foreign buyer consultation regarding the “overseas online shopping” is safe, and received, such as “outer packing after many shoppers, there won’t be virus risk” “before purchasing, delivery before disinfection, will parcel to the customs for collective sanitizers, so carry virus is a very small chance” reply.However, a wholesaler who specializes in purchasing milk powder from an overseas brand said that milk powder shipped from a certain country has no local protection measures, and the package is mainly protected by domestic customs.At present, the goods are mainly delivered by direct mail from abroad or bonded warehouses in China. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the timeliness of direct mail from some countries and regions is not stable. It is estimated that the arrival of goods will take more than three weeks.Yue Qinghua, responsible person of jd Fresh experience promotion Department, introduced that in order to meet consumers’ requirements of “buy clearly and buy safely” for imported cold chain food, JD Fresh provides consumers with a full traceability service platform for imported goods, and the whole link of cold chain flow can be queried and traceable.When consumers buy imported cold-chain goods on JD platform, they can check the full range of information including the country or region of origin, production date, batch number, circulation path and disinfection certificate of the products through the traceability code.The Safety supervision and Administration Department of the State Post Bureau (SPB) issued a notice on January 16, calling for a better understanding of COVID-19 prevention and control by international express mail and preventing imported cases from overseas through delivery channels.To comprehensively assess import mail Courier source outbreak risk grade, upper management main body qualifications, deliver goods attribute factors such as, according to the precise control, promotions, the requirements of the relevant controls for epidemic high-risk countries and regions of import mail express the epidemic disposal scheme, reduce from epidemic high-risk countries and regions outside the mail order, delivery goods.According to a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Beijing, a local confirmed case reported that she had recently sent and received international emails.After sampling and nucleic acid testing, CDC officials found that some samples on the outer surface and inner surface of the package of the mail and the paper inside the document showed positive results.In addition, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau reported that an operator of the wholesale department of food violated the relevant provisions on the prevention and control of cold chain products by replacing the import labels of hairtail and other seafood imported from a Southeast Asian country with domestic labels, in order to avoid normal supervision of imported cold chain products.How to eliminate international mail safely is related to whether the imported epidemic can be effectively prevented, and whether consumers can rest assured about “overseas shopping”.In terms of the elimination process, from the unloading of the flight to the whole process of delivery, according to the relevant prevention and control requirements and technical standards, the packaging of imported goods will be fully covered by the elimination process.Staff will also sterilize and ventilate international mail processing facilities and vehicles.Yue Qinghua introduced, in order to ensure the safety of the circulation of imported fresh goods, JINGdong Fresh for imported cold chain goods in accordance with the local regulatory standards on the basis of inspection of goods to be stored in the customs declaration, inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test report and disinfection certificate, confirm no abnormality can be allowed to be stored.At the same time, the warehouse shall be comprehensively disinfected on a regular basis, and nucleic acid tests shall be periodically organized according to the requirements of various epidemic prevention departments to ensure the safety of operation.In addition, in the jingdong logistics fresh park, also synchronous implementation of strict disinfection measures.According to Pang Xinghuo, deputy Director of The Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the novel Coronavirus can survive in low temperatures for a long time, increasing the risk of transmission in winter.In the past, cases of transmission via cold chain or non-cold chain items have been reported in many provinces of China, and recently, positive reports of overseas mail and other items have been reported in many places of China.Chen Xiaoyou, vice president of Beijing Ditan Hospital, said that due to the generally low temperature in winter, the survival time of novel Coronavirus in low temperature environment will be significantly prolonged, and it is possible to survive on the surface of objects and in the cold chain environment. Therefore, we should stick to the principle of “simultaneous prevention of persons and simultaneous prevention of doctors and patients”.Citizens should wear gloves and use alcohol or chlorine-containing disinfectant to disinfect the outer package of packages if they think there is a risk, especially when disassembling packages with relatively high risk such as imported cold-chain goods, and insist on “removing one layer and tearing one layer”.Pang suggested that if you receive overseas mail or goods, you should reduce direct contact and exchange, as far as possible to achieve no contact handover, if you need to sign for it in person, you should keep more than 1 meter away from the Courier.When disassembling parts, try to carry out outdoors. The outer packaging should not be taken home. It should be sorted according to the household garbage.If you need to take it home, you can use chlorine disinfectant to thoroughly disinfect the internal and external packaging.After handling emails, take off gloves, replace masks, disinfect or wash hands carefully, and avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose with dirty hands.Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Wenxu Yang Na Xia ke