One dragon became the first person to defeat the broadcast beg in China, showing the momentum of the Chinese nation!Yang Our country’s prestige!

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Speaking of the monk one dragon, is absolutely the most controversial domestic players, since childhood in shaolin Temple martial arts, practice a body of ability, peak period has also swept the domestic and foreign top masters, acquired iron sand palm, iron head gong and many other Shaolin secrets.The most noteworthy is the golden Bell cloth shirt, which was also popular all over the world and respected by boxing fans at its peak.But the golden bell jar also has a failure of time, was Thai Chachai iron leg sweep kick hit crotch, and the referee hurried forward to read seconds, this scene is funny and funny, and a dragon pain, was the staff kiss and hug held high, it eased the pain.But later a dragon went up the network red line, to red hit a dragon this sentence is widely spread, a dragon’s peak fighting is really strong, the most classic world War I is to fight Thai boxing king broadcast beg, this world war I can be described as the war of the century peak duel, the scene is a vote is hard to find.At the peak of the fight between the two top boxing Kings, the then Thai boxing king Bo Qiu was unrivaled. He had fought more than 400 matches and had rich experience in Thai boxing.And the fight is on, the two champion strength, first to attack a dragon, a set of combination played on center of gravity be unsteady, immediately come forward to another foot, a low sweep down please, this extraordinary strength cheers from the audience, a dragon attack again low sweep down please, played the Thai boxing champion anger toward, and grasp the rhythm of the play the yong a dragon,It was a lively scene worthy of a fight between the two boxers.To play more slowly, in the face of a dragon close-fitting playing at that time the difficult to adapt to, the first round, been on a dragon pressure for seeding, angry unceasingly, finally back in the second half of the rhythm, with distance is kick, don’t make personal struggle, with a dragon game came to the second round, a dragon play more and more weak, and the seeded have the upper hand,Thai boxing champion formally entered the stage of enthusiasm, a dragon’s performance for all to shine at the moment, although look very distressed, but effective score and equal, there is no denying that the match was really exciting match has been on the third round, the strength of a dragon, no doubt, both style and tactics, not weak in Thai boxing champion sowing,This prolonged fight is very physical, but it is hard to see fatigue in the two fighters, maybe this is the passion of the match.A dragon a flagellate after fist hit broadcast beg, two people directly began the crazy fight boxing.Yilong’s strong strength amazed all the people present. He was able to fight with The Thai boxing king Broadcast qiu until he was exhausted. After three rounds, Yilong points immediately defeated broadcast ball, proving himself with strength.Although later games always lost inexplicably, once became the most controversial words point figure, but his peak period to create brilliant is forever indelible.Now a dragon has retired, into the entertainment industry, and even network red activities have his figure, red at the same time is still controversial, this screen before the old iron how to see, welcome comment area.