A-level scenic spots received 5.201 million tourists chengdu Cultural tourism market ushered in A “good start” of the Year of the Tiger

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Redstar News (reporter but Tang Wen) reported on February 7 that the Spring Festival holiday ended. The reporter learned from the Chengdu Bureau of Culture, Radio and Tourism that under the condition of strengthening the normal epidemic prevention and control, Chengdu’s A-level tourist attractions received 5.211 million tourists, up 3.9% year-on-year, and realized the ticket revenue of 43.604 million yuan, up 9.0% year-on-year.The city’s libraries, cultural centers and other public service venues received 326,000 visitors, up 31.9% year on year.Lunar New Year holiday this year, chengdu municipal culture tour system according to the theme, launched the exhibition, to admire the beautiful, swimming, would you care to purchase, drama performance, music six categories 185 tour activities, form a complete set to launch a panda ecological tour, ice and snow sports tour 40 theme tourism products such as lines, effectively meet people’s spiritual and cultural consumption demand during the Spring Festival.Chengdu holiday Japanese travel market shows steady recovery, steady improvement of good momentum of development.This year’s Spring Festival coincides with the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and the enthusiasm of citizens to participate in ice and snow sports tourism continues to rise. Ice and snow tourism has become the biggest bright spot and the hottest business mode in chengdu’s cultural tourism market during this year’s Spring Festival holiday.The reservation volume of xiling Snow Mountain scenic spot is close to the upper limit of the scenic area, with 76,000 tourists, up 41.3% year on year, and attracting many tourists from outside the province to experience.Rongchuang Snow World held ski challenge and other ice and snow sports events to promote the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Universiade with the passion of ice and snow sports. The total number of visitors received exceeded 45,000, up 40.3% year on year.During the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, it has become a new trend for the public to study in libraries, rehearse in cultural centers, watch exhibitions in museums and art galleries, and go to various new scenes and new routes.Diversified formats blossom and inspire cultural travel consumption, and the reception capacity of the scenic spot has been significantly improved, with 77,000 tourists received in total.Under the background of advocating local Chinese New Year and not going out of the province when it is not necessary, the lantern riddle-guessing activity offers new immersive riddle-guessing scenarios for tourists, attracting 195,000 visitors.Chengjia Tea Town has attracted 87,000 tourists through rich pottery experience, blue dye experience and other experience activities.Warm service guarantee vacations Display text brigade service for holiday tour consumption demand, passenger volume is larger, the service quality request higher market characteristics, tour the city’s culture system to further strengthen the false Japanese tour service, let the general public visitors full experience in the humanized and convenient service to chengdu travel services.We will innovate ways to provide services and adopt multiple measures.Dujiangyan city and other districts (cities) and counties open the parking lots of government offices and public institutions to tourists for free, which is convenient for tourists to travel and park, greatly alleviating the problem of tourists parking during the Spring Festival holiday.The Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Tourism organized volunteers to carry out civilized tourism publicity activities and volunteer services at important points such as Chengdu tourism Distribution center, advocate civilized tourism and healthy travel, and preach civilized tourism behavior norms to tourists.It provides warm service and smart management, enabling tourists to enter the queuing area by scanning the phone number, and providing services such as playing movies and performing on the stage in the waiting area, which significantly improves tourists’ experience of ice and snow travel.