Lakers nets release the latest injury situation!James Westbrook missed harden’s fourth straight game

2022-07-09 0 By

The lakers and Nets release questionable injury status for James (left knee) and Westbrook (lower back strain) at questionablest, while Harden’s status is questionable at questionable time.The lakers play Portland on the road today, with James and Westbrook both listed as doubtful for the’s Mike Trudell said both men will go through pregame warmups to determine if they will play in the game.Evan, a medical expert, said it was not surprising that James would have to make a pre-game decision about whether to play in back-to-back games.Four days of rest is good for the knees.After today’s game against Portland, the lakers won’t play again until Feb. 13.As for Westbrook’s waist strain problem, it caused fans to discuss.Westbrook was held up by Vogel in the final quarter of the lakers’ last loss to the Bucks, and given that the trade deadline is less than 24 hours away, it’s highly unlikely the lakers will let him rest to avoid injury.So far this season, Westbrook is the only laker to play full time.The Nets will play the Wizards on the road tomorrow, and the official injury list was announced.Harden, sidelined with a strained left hamstring, will miss his fourth straight game.In addition to Harden, Aldridge, Durant, Harris and Millsap are also confirmed to be sidelined.Claxton is also suffering from a left hamstring strain and is doubtful for the game.Durant revealed on the podcast that his injury total will take 3-4 weeks to return. He has been sidelined since Jan. 16, and according to that schedule, he should be back soon.The Sixers and The Nets are currently negotiating a deal for Harden Simmons, who would have played his last game with the Nets.In an update to the negotiations with team reporters, the 76ers declined to include Maxie in harden/Simmons trade discussions, and the Nets offered simmons, Seth Curry, Sabre and Drummond a new asking price.The 76ers are still on the fence about putting Seth Curry in the trade.Mills could also be sent to the Sixers along with Harden.