GDP of 21 cities in Sichuan in 2021: Deyang beats Nanchong, while Luzhou ranks the third and fifth in growth rate

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Sichuan is located in the inland of southwest China and the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and has the reputation of “land of abundance”.Sichuan has been the largest province in western China for decades.In 2021, Sichuan’s GDP was 5.385079 billion yuan, ranking first in central and western China again.Although In terms of growth rate, Sichuan is not outstanding, only 10.81%, but the development of the municipalities under its jurisdiction is balanced, especially Chengdu, again with 1991.698 billion YUAN of GDP occupied the first place in the province, even in the “master like cloud” of the country, can also rank 7th.In addition to Chengdu, Sichuan province is not no longer the national economy of the top 100 cities, Mianyang and Yibin as the second and third “seat” in the province, they are also listed in the National Top 100, mianyang with 335.029 billion yuan in the country at the 92nd, Yibin with 314.808 billion yuan, at the 98th.You will find that chengdu, after “sucking blood” the resources of the province, has begun to feed other cities in the province. Mianyang and Yibin have both entered the national top 100 in recent years, which is a good example.To be specific, the GDP of 21 cities under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Province in 2021.Except for chengdu, Mianyang and Yibin, the GDP of the other 18 cities in Sichuan has not reached 300 billion yuan.Yibin was followed by Deyang and Nanchong, which ranked fourth and fifth.From the perspective of the development in recent years, the pattern of the five big cities in Sichuan province has not changed for more than 10 years. In 2009, Nanchong overtook Dazhou with the GDP of 68.628 billion yuan, and has been leading the five cities in the province. In the following decades, Nanchong has been widening the gap with Dazhou.However, in 2021, there was a brief trough in nanchong’s development.In 2021, nanchong’s nominal GDP growth rate is only 8.37%, which not only makes Nanchong narrow the gap with Dazhou, but also loses its hope of catching up with Deyang for many years.In the past five years, Nanchong has been approaching Deyang, from 2017, Nanchong accounted for 95.83% of Deyang, to 99.87% in 2020, nanchong was only 305 million yuan behind Deyang in 2020.Seeing the catch up in front of nanchong, but slowed down the pace, finally in 2021, Deyang beat Nanchong, the gap from 305 million yuan to 5.458 billion yuan.However, in terms of permanent population, it is only a matter of time before Nanchong, with a population of 5.6076 million, overtakes Deyang, with a GDP of 3.4562 million.Luzhou, Dazhou and Leshan, ranked 6-8, are all worth more than 200 billion yuan, among which Luzhou is a highlight.Although in terms of total GDP, Luzhou’s TOTAL GDP of 240.61 billion yuan is only the sixth in the province, but in the past 10 years, Luzhou’s position in the province has risen 3 places, catching up with Leshan, Liangshan and Dazhou. In 2021, Luzhou will continue to maintain super-high growth rate, with a nominal growth rate of 11.54%, ranking the third in the province in terms of growth rate.Second only to Chengdu and Yibin.The 12 cities in Sichuan province, ranked 9-21, all have a GDP of less than 200 billion yuan.Among them, Liangshan Prefecture took the lead with 190.118 billion yuan, which also had a certain advantage, nearly 30 billion yuan more than Neijiang in the 10th place.Neijiang starts and ends in Suining, with a total of 4 big cities. The competition is particularly fierce, especially neijiang and Zigong, with a gap of less than 500 million yuan.The GDP of Guang ‘an, Panzhihua and Guang Yuan is above 100 billion yuan and below 150 billion yuan, among which Guang ‘an leads by an absolute advantage.At present, there are 5 cities in Sichuan province that have not reached 100 billion yuan, namely Ziyang, Ya ‘an, Bazhong, Aba prefecture and Ganzi Prefecture. The overall living standard is relatively backward.