Explore Gaoligong Mountain

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Gaoligong mountains this mysterious beautiful forest animals bred the amazing diversity of gaoligong mountains were recorded 2614 species of animals there are 47 national level to protect animals more than 185 kinds of animals under state protection (category ii) more than 1100 kinds of vertebrates in the life it concentrated 20% of the nation’s mammals including 1/3 for endemic species Gao Li GongBai eyebrow gibbon (also known as day gibbon) is the only species of great ape named by Chinese scientists. There are less than 200 of them left, and the distribution area is very narrow and threatened with extinction.The only place in the world you can see them is here.Gaoligong Mountain is one of the most abundant areas of birds in China. At present, more than 400 species of birds have been observed and recorded, including many pheasants, such as the beautiful white-tailed rainbow pheasant, the red-bellied horned pheasant, the blood pheasant, the black-necked long-tailed pheasant, and the chestnut throat bee-tiger, one of the most beautiful birds in China.In the bird-watching world, West Yunnan is recognized as the “golden Triangle” of international bird-watching, and baihua Ridge of Gaoligong Mountain is also recognized as the “Five-star bird-watching resort of China” and “the best area for flying birds”…The clear spring between the valleys, “ding Ling” “Ding Ling” through……The waterfall is more than ten meters away, splashing water vapor so that you feel deeply cool, the water hit the leaves of wild banana, immediately turned into a gold and silver dewdrop slide, if the weather is good, you can also see the rainbow.The Southern Silk Road was an ancient international passageway in ancient Southwest China, running through Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, connecting Myanmar and India, and leading to Southeast Asia, West Asia and European countries.Among them, the western route of the Southern Silk Road is famous for its beautiful scenery and breathtaking journey, and is also known as the “Shu Body Poison Road”. The “Yongchang Road” located in Baoshan city is one of them. Gaoligong Mountain, a primitive forest, has left the historical traces of the Southern Silk Road.There are three different hiking routes in Gaoligong Mountain. The northern route goes through beizhai public house. The road is rugged and dangerous.The middle route passes through Baihualing Beauty Waterfall and Yin-yang Valley hot spring, which is a good choice for bird watching, flower watching, hot spring soaking and micro hiking.The southern route runs from Jiujiezi to Nanzhai public house to Lin Jia Shop. The scenery is beautiful and the ancient road remains are well preserved. Even now, you can meet horses walking on the ancient road.The ancient road is quiet. For thousands of years, camel bells have been ringing in the mountains. The green grass is green.The relics on the ancient road always tell history in their own way…Climb gaoligong Mountain along the ancient road, step on the stone slab covered with green velvet moss and thousands of dead leaves, peel away layers of fallen leaves, reveal the age traces left by horse’s hoofs on the stone slab, the shouts of horse gang men and clear copper bell can be faintly heard from the distance.Hiking is the most down-to-earth way to start a trip. Feet always give us the purest sense of travel through the woods and streams, walking among the mountain flowers and listening to the trickling of the streams, the chirping of the birds and the gentle breeze blowing through the trees,Grass rustling murmur to feel the heart into the rhythm of footsteps even breathing will a person be intoxicated more beautiful scenery let gaoligong mountains became a photography enthusiasts, the paradise of the hikers are going in the gaoligong mountains suitable all year round to admire the view which from February to march on foot, on October 12 month period is the best backpackers most often go hiking routes from baoshan long Yang district flowers ridge walk south lent public house a line from east to westCrossing end gaoligong mountains in one day was spread to tengchong lins this line to the 27 km around the lowest 1500 meters above sea level the highest, 3175 meters above sea level physical need good hikers walk eight hours or so new to foot of new needs 10 to 11 hours from February to march the mountainside nu river water on the bottom two shore kapok flower in full bloom the snow-capped three-dimensional climate very muchObviously at the same time, the roadside azalea one by one, flowers and clusters of flowers extend endless several kilometers, large hillside full of wild flowers, wild flowers warm straight want to call a person to lie down with flowers drunk.To the countryside by exclusive low-altitude sightseeing helicopter can also take you a bird’s eye view of lofty Gaogong Mountain through the world’s second grand Canyon, The Canyon of the River To enjoy the scenery of ten thousand acres of farmland in the sky, China’s first coffee village Stone ladder ancient village, Stilwell road, rim Hu Dai ethnic characteristics village, Bai Longtan Park……The residents from Gaoligong Mountain have retained the traditions of their ancestors by picking and making food with traditional techniques. How could they walk away without tasting the delicious food presented by nature? How many creatures have not been discovered and recognized in gaoligong Mountain is unknown to us.There are still many wonders of life in ligong Mountain, waiting to be explored and discovered by human beings, among its towering mountains and secret jungle.Source: Baoshan Cultural Travel