Don’t worry if you want to buy a high-end flagship, these upcoming phones are worth buying as much as Apple

2022-07-09 0 By

A lot of people want to buy a high-end flagship phone because they have money and budget and want a better experience, but ACTUALLY I don’t recommend buying it now, because there will be better phones released in the next period of time, which are more worth buying.The first paragraph:VivoX80 series is also on the agenda. It has a breguet 9000 processor, a 120Hz high-brush 2K AMOLED screen, and supports LTPO2.0 technology.In addition, 5000mAh large battery +120W super fast charge, full battery life, and the impact plate is greatly upgraded, 5000W pixel main camera +1200W ultra wide Angle +1200W telephoto lens, but also equipped with a new V2 image chip, I believe it is the most beautiful player this year.In the second paragraph:The new Snapdragon 8Gen1+ processor has the highest performance, as well as a 120Hz high-screen 2K AMOLED screen. As the flagship of Xiaomi imaging, the Mi11 Ultra has achieved amazing results.The mi 12Ultra will also go to the end, with 5000W pixel main camera +5000W pixel ultra wide Angle +1200W pixel portrait lens +4800W pixel telephoto lens, oversized bottom sensor, built-in 5000mAh battery +120W surging fast charging, it’s a pile of material to the extreme.The third paragraph:Although the new Kirin is not yet available, huawei Mate50Pro also has two versions for you to choose from, namely snapdragon 8Gen1 processor and Kirin 9000 processor, and 120Hz high brush 2K AMOLED waterfall screen, which is more visual impact.6000mAh large battery +120W super fast charging, 8000W pixel main camera +4000W pixel ultra wide Angle +2000W pixel telephoto lens, Huawei Mate series is business flagship, but its image strength is also the top level, of course, if you feel difficult to rob, you can go to look at the second-hand Huawei Mate40Pro.Kylin 9000+5G+ Hongmeng, 95 new about 4500, or very cost-effective.All in all, these three phones are absolutely superb in terms of specs, the king of flagship phones, and are definitely worth buying if you have a budget and want better performance, graphics and quality.