Don’t forget this before the end of February!

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The work of the centralized payment of insurance for urban and rural residents in Our province in 2022 was completed at the end of last December.However, due to the impact of the epidemic and other factors, some urban and rural residents failed to participate in the centralized payment period.In order to ensure that urban and rural residents can participate in the insurance and enjoy the benefits normally, Shaanxi Provincial Medical Security Bureau and Shaanxi Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation have decided to extend the payment period for urban and rural residents from January 11 to February 28, 2022, with the original payment channels unchanged.For urban and rural residents who pay the individual insurance premiums for the year 2022 within the payment period, the benefit period shall start from the month following the date of payment.During the epidemic prevention and control period, in order to ensure your own health and safety, Xi ‘an Medical Security Bureau reminds you to pay for medical insurance and give priority to the wechat public account of Shaanxi Taxation, mobile banking, UnionPay cloud flash payment, wechat, Alipay and other electronic channels to pay for medical insurance.People who have not yet paid for medical insurance should pay before the end of February so as not to affect the use of medical insurance.1. How to deal with the uninsured information displayed when using Alipay or wechat for payment?If there is no insurance information displayed, the insured person needs to register the information of the new insured person at the window designated by the tax department of the place to be insured (tax service hall or community of the place to be insured), confirm the personal information of the insured person and other contents, and then pay the fee.To add ginseng to protect personnel, complete ginseng to protect information to collect and pay cost in duty duty branch, run only, can complete identity information to verify and approve, ginseng to protect ground to confirm, successful pay cost wait for flow.What need emphasizes especially is, ginseng keeps a person to be in register ginseng to keep information and pay cost, must confirm good individual identity information and ginseng to keep ground please.2. Starting from 2022, newborns must pay to enjoy medical insurance treatment. What is the specific policy for newborns?Neonatal payment policy, and focuses on two points: (1) on January 1, 2022, born in 90 days by the guardian in neonatal the tax department of census register seat or region, and use my real name and identity certificate of the newborn pay medical treatment insurance premium that year of birth, salary XiangShouQi as of the date of birth to born that year December 31;New student is born was not born inside 90 days in those days insurance premium of medical treatment in those days, in those days can be paid according to other special personnel pay cost way pay ginseng protect, after pay cost is finished, pay enjoy period is born in those days the second month that pay cost rises to December 31.(2) If the birth date of the newborn is less than 90 days from December 31 of the current year, the medical insurance premium of the current year of birth shall be paid within 90 days after birth, and the benefit period shall be from the date of birth to December 31 of the current year;If enjoy the medical insurance treatment of the second year of birth, must pay the medical insurance premium of the second year of birth within 90 days after birth, the benefit period is from January 1 to December 31 of the next year;Did not pay the corresponding annual medical insurance premium within 90 days, cannot enjoy the corresponding annual medical insurance treatment.It should be noted that: what is said here is the insurance premium policy for newborns born on January 1, 2022, while newborns born before December 31, 2021 will still implement the old policy and do not need to pay;For example, a child born on October 20 does not need to pay for 2021, but he or she should pay 320 yuan for 2022 within 90 days of birth and enjoy the full year of 2022 resident medical insurance treatment.3. If the newborn did not join in the year of birth, is it ok to join in any year after that?What are the requirements and notices for the first time?If newborn did not join in those days protect capture cost, it is ok to join in any year after that, want to be in concentration capture cost period capture cost to be able to undertake ginseng to protect as new ginseng personnel to protect only, enjoy next year from January 1 to the treatment of medical insurance on December 31.However, as a natural person, newborn faces various uncertain disease risks all the time, so participating in resident medical insurance is used to prevent and resolve the risk of medical expenses.The purpose of medical insurance is to help each other, reflecting the social responsibility and personal health security responsibility of shared construction, as well as the newborn.Now that you are a natural person, you have ginseng protect rights, at the same time also has the responsibility to participate in social all aid, healthy people to help sick people, everyone took out a small part of the money together, summed up a large fund pool, one thousand which day ill need money, this is your basic safeguard, so join in time, on time pay health care costs, to guard against and dissolve the risk of medical costs,Are the security of their own stability.Therefore, we encourage all people to participate in the insurance, and we also hope that newborns, a group with relatively high risk of medical costs, will participate in the insurance, which is a stable guarantee for children.4. If the payment is cut off, will it affect the insurance payment of the next year?Urban and rural resident medical insurance joins to protect to execute year capture cost principle, that is to say in those days concentration capture cost, protect by join year to enjoy pay, safeguard next year a whole year.This is what we often say: one year for each participant, one year for each contribution. Therefore, the individual pays for the resident medical insurance every year, and the government also subsidizes it every year.It needs to be made clear here that there is no problem of payment cut-off for urban and rural residents’ medical insurance. The payment period is from January 1 to December 31 of the next year. If the payment is not made during the period, the benefits will not be enjoyed in the next year.If you fail to pay the resident insurance in one year, you will not be affected if you have to pay again in the next year.In addition, one more point, only if you have fulfilled the responsibility of paying for insurance, can you obtain medical insurance reimbursement treatment, if you do not participate in the insurance, basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical assistance can not be reimbursed.5. Can the resident medical insurance reimburse the outpatient expenses?What is the reimbursement rate for hospitalization?The reimbursement for outpatient medical insurance can be divided into three parts.First, outpatient service coordination.Because we are now the municipal pooling, that is to say, one city pooling area has one standard, and each pooling area has its own different regulations. Generally, there is no minimum payment line for outpatient pooling, and the annual payment limit basically ranges from 80 yuan to 200 yuan.The second is chronic disease in the outpatient clinic, which is also different in the overall planning area, which depends on the specific standards of the overall planning area.Third, guarantee mechanism of two-disease medication in outpatient department.This is a special policy for patients with hypertension and diabetes, which costs more than ordinary outpatient clinics, and there is no special policy for the insured population identified as chronic disease in outpatient clinics. This identification is more convenient, that is, it can be identified in the rural two levels, and the reimbursement ratio is not less than 50%.Hospitalization as a whole is also the same as outpatient as a whole, a unified area of a standard, the specific project contains the starting line, the proportion of payment, the highest payment limit and so on, first look at which unified area, and then look at the specific standard of this unified area.