On the express road, the car crashed into the drone

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Yangzhou wang recently very depressed to drive your car traffic accident damage but did not know to find who to deal with the reason is, and he turns out to be a drone of incident involving the accident reduction on February 20, more than eight o ‘clock in the morning Mr Wang drive from jiangsu yangzhou city west driving fast to the true state road traffic accident accident happened when export very strange because the other party is not a car accidentBut a drone vehicle traveling data recorder display a plane flying low uav suddenly rushed into his car and ran to the windshield vehicle traveling data recorder captured moment glass of accident of about 20 centimeters a long crack windshield was hit location features police concluded that fortunately due to car accident happened in expressway ramp mouth mr.wang has reduced the speed of the car if the speed is still there80 yards or so instant slow-motion replay consequences accident due to an accident after the plane was badly damaged temporarily unable to query to its users yangzhou traffic police after interrupting the monitoring and vehicle traveling data recorder decided that it was a traffic accident yangzhou police remind the uav users appear as soon as possible, please cooperate actively accident treatment of yangzhou traffic police remind the domestic haven’t for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and groundSpecial law of civil transport, but based on the development status of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the east zone, jiangsu province public security department, civil aviation department has joint mandate, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) users in a series of clearance area comply with laws and regulations and order release, and for the “black fly” and other illegal behavior consequences of responsibility.Please note: vehicles on expressways and expressways travel at a faster speed. When flying, drones should maintain sufficient safety altitude and take off and land areas should be far away from the road in case of accidents!This matter is really no small matter, no small matter, please ensure that the majority of uav users safe flight away from the flow of people, traffic dense location to avoid the occurrence of danger —————————— Jiangsu Traffic broadcasting network reporter Shao Wei correspondent Zhu Jun comprehensive Yangzhou traffic police, Yangzhou TV “attention” column source: Jiangsu Traffic broadcasting network