“My bathtub two or three things” he Haochen incarnation beautiful male fish worth broken two hundred self-mockery like a dead fish

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Yes on January 26, entertainment news comedy two or three things in my bathtub. “” starring hetian gstarcad, Cai Fan xian, Taiwan drama first only beautiful male fish gstarcad is designed for the mermaid performance spend very much, today issued a behind-the-scenes look exposure gstarcad journey of mermaid, special cost millions, made over two months to make the tail, grain gstarcad spent the entire day to maintain a fixed posture,The tail-made silicone fish was 3D printed layer by layer while wearing only tight-fitting trousers.He Haochen said to see the fish tail out of the finished product is really beautiful to finally put down a heart, let the mermaid this role more convincing.However, the beautiful and lifelike fish tail is very solid, with a net weight of 30 kg, plus the weight of He Haochen itself is more than 100 kg, requiring more than 10 people to help put on, remove and carry, and the first try took 3 hours to succeed.Grain gstarcad plays with water is beautiful male fish Li Renyu reveal the tail, that is, the transformation process can be bitter gstarcad is designed, because the fish is silicone material, friction force is very strong, need to advance with soap and water lubrication legs, two section of the “sliding” into the tail, his legs to more than 10 staff assistance, and the weight of the fish alone up to 30 kg, even lift all very difficult.After successfully set into the tail, because the tail section contains a set of single web of tail fins, also need staff to help climbers in hand in the tail into the flippers, spent three hours to finish the tail, the moment of success all staff huan call good, wo gstarcad is a full face of exhausted by the pool, he smile to say feel wear a tail like a lifetime,I feel like I’m a dead fish.Turns into a beautiful male fish difficulties, success after put on the tail and grain gstarcad is the weight of more than one hundred kilograms, also need six strong man to lift the hetian gstarcad into the water, take off a so trouble, grain gstarcad revealed so try not to drink water, lest will want to go to the toilet need to be achieved, but shooting period is winter temperature is only 13, 14 degrees,It was very cold and the staff kept filling ginger tea to the whole body only wearing fish tail he Haochen, but He Haochen said that in fact ginger tea is very diuretic, there are a few times really accidentally secretly in the pool liberation, he apologized and said: “the staff are really embarrassed, really can not hold…”So I searched the Internet for non-diuretic but warm foods and turned to hot chocolate to warm up.