Chen Jinhu presided over a meeting of the Municipal Committee for Institutional Establishment

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On February 14, Chen Jinhu, secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and Director of the Editorial Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee, presided over the first meeting of the Committee for Institutional Reform of the CPC Municipal Committee in 2022.Sheng Lei, Liang Yibo, Ji Peidong and Li Lin, deputy directors of the Party Committee, attended the meeting.The meeting deliberated on matters related to institutional staffing, heard a special report on standardizing and managing institutional staffing, and made arrangements for and promoted the key work of institutional staffing this year.The meeting stressed that to uphold the party’s leadership calls for a higher stance rot organization establishment correct direction, is always the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in jinping new era as the guide, continuous in-depth study to grasp the party’s spirit of the sixth plenary session of the nineteenth, resolutely defend established “two”, constantly strengthen the consciousness of “four”, firmly “four confidence”, “two maintenance”.We need to have a thorough understanding of the political considerations, practical paths and expected results of the central government’s efforts to strengthen institutional staffing, and constantly improve political judgment, understanding and execution to ensure that the work always moves in the right political direction.The meeting stressed the need to serve the overall interests of the country and better contribute to the deepening of the “532” development strategy.First, we need to ensure high-quality development.We should focus on the “532” development strategy, strengthen forward-looking research and systematic layout of institutional staffing, focus on the development needs of major tasks, key regions and important fields, provide advanced services, innovate methods, allocate resources efficiently, and provide timely institutional guarantee.Second, we should go all out to ensure efficient management.We will continue to deepen reform throughout the work of institutional staffing, modernize the governance system and capacity of municipalities in a more targeted manner, improve and upgrade the management system at the grassroots level, and strengthen overall staffing, precise empowerment, downward mobility, and job incentives.We will promote the management of development parks in a steady and orderly manner, further optimize the setup of institutions and the allocation of their functions, and encourage parks to focus on their main responsibilities and businesses, so as to accelerate transformation, upgrading, and innovative development.We will continue to deepen the reform of public institutions and the reform of comprehensive law enforcement, accelerate the establishment of a scientific, standardized and efficient system of institutional functions, and maximize administrative efficiency and unleash vitality for development.Third, we will do our best to ensure high-quality living.We must adhere to the people-centered fundamental position and value orientation, use institutional staffing resources in a scientific and rational way, develop new ideas and ways of allocating resources, give priority to ensuring basic public services, and direct staffing resources to areas where people’s lives are most needed.Fourth, we will do all we can to ensure high-level security.We must strengthen supervision, inspection and evaluation of the effectiveness of staffing and utilization, and truly put staffing and personnel to good use.The meeting stressed the need to adhere to the rule of law and improve the management of institutional staffing.We must implement the Regulations on the Work of the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC) on Institutional Staffing and its supporting laws and regulations, strictly enforce specific regulations on institutional staffing reports, evaluation and verification, real-name management, and verification of leading positions, and resolutely safeguard the authority and seriousness of institutional staffing.It is necessary to strictly control the pass, strictly control the total amount of compilation, plan and make efficient use of all kinds of compilation resources, so as to vigorously implement the “532” development strategy and strive to promote Changzhou in the forefront of socialist modernization to provide a strong system and mechanism guarantee!Reporter: Tang Xinwei Photography: Zhang Pinyang Editor: Jiang Qingyu Review: Pan Jianwei Wei Xiying Supervisor: Huang Jiang Ma Lingyun Reprint please indicate source: Changzhou release (wechat:Changzhou Radio and TELEVISION production welcome forwarding infringement will be investigated I know you are “watching”