Zhanjiang innovates and establishes a joint meeting system for administrative disputes: Realizing “Prosecution can see officials” and “Appearing in court and speaking out”

2022-07-07 0 By

On February 14, Zhanjiang Intermediate People’s Court and Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of Justice held the first meeting of administrative Dispute Joint Conference in 2022.Reporters learned from the conference that last year, zhanjiang Intermediate People’s Court accepted the first-instance administrative cases of judgment change rate (that is, the ratio of the second-instance court retrial or change of judgment to the total appeal cases) decreased by 6.99% year on year.In April last year, Zhanjiang Intermediate People’s Court and Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of Justice established a joint meeting system for resolving administrative disputes to jointly build an interconnection platform and establish a regular communication mechanism. At the same time, joint meetings were held regularly to discuss law enforcement norms and unify law enforcement standards.Under the promotion of the joint conference, Zhanjiang has realized the realization of “prosecuting officials can see officials” and “appearing in court and speaking out”, and the rate of administrative organ heads attending court has increased by more than 4 times compared to the same period last year.At the same time, relevant units have strengthened research on the substantive settlement of administrative disputes, studied existing problems and put forward suggestions and countermeasures, and published white papers on administrative litigation.At the meeting, The People’s Court of Zhanjiang and the Municipal Bureau of Justice had in-depth discussions and exchanges on how to further improve the rate of administrative leaders to appear in court and strengthen the substantive resolution of administrative disputes, and reached consensus on the selection of adjudication methods conducive to the substantive resolution of disputes in forest and land disputes caused by historical issues.Both sides believe that it is necessary to attach importance to both the procedure and the entity, and prudently use the cancellation and order to remake the type of judgment to avoid circular litigation, so as to reduce the burden of the people, reduce the administrative and judicial burden, and realize the closure of the case.Zhanjiang Intermediate People’s Court introduced that on the basis of the experience of the joint administrative dispute system, the court will continue to promote the diversified administrative dispute settlement mechanism led by the Party Committee, coordinated by the Political and legal Committee, led by the government, guided by the court and participated by all sectors of society, and jointly promote the pre-litigation mediation and substantive settlement of administrative cases.(South +)