This round of European league needs to pay attention to the new arrivals, Juve’s vlahovic and Barcelona’s Traore

2022-07-07 0 By

The European transfer market is closed and a lot of new players go to new teams. Of course some players may not play in the league this week because of injuries, but this weekend should be a lot of new players to prove themselves, although the Premier League looks like there is no league this weekend?Take a quick look.Juve can focus on. After all, this team has a new midfielder and center, solve the problem of the season two miodrag vlahovic joining and zakaria, let the Juventus striker and midfielder short board seems to be solved, of course this is very interesting, Juventus seems to be successful, so choose winter to buy one, and bought the team need to players,Juve are 10 points behind inter and have 15 games to play, so they have a chance. That’s why they are buying, and they are clearing up some of their salary space, so it will be interesting to see how the two young players perform on the weekend.Because juve need tough defensive midfield, goalscoring center have come.Barcelona can also pay close attention to, this team has a lot of players, and then play atletico, just let the couple show their opportunity this is very interesting, Barcelona bought Pierre aubameyang winter, although is visa-free, another was joining on loan, these two people should be who can score goals, was also the team need to have a hardness winger,This is a very key part, so Barcelona and atletico Madrid game, should be this two people can play, so that the team’s offensive capabilities have to ascend, the team should have good performance, but atletico is added to a player, can play Barcelona to struggle, can focus on the game, after all, the reinforcement of Barcelona is obvious,Atletico’s reinforcement is not looking so people expect, this is the helpless place.League start the premier league may still need a week or so, but also can focus on, after all, the Newcastle united for the transfer of this really is too radical, Liverpool have transfer this Kurt looks are to be played, but in the premiership, but his preliminary two games performed well, look at performance in tottenham, Newcastle newcomer should be to get a chance to prove myself,Guimaraes needs to prove his worth and although he is not a real defensive midfielder, he should be able to help solve some of the midfield problems, which is crucial.But can Newcastle’s new centre-forward Wood score?This is also can pay attention to, this team is in fact the last central defender or no supplement, may not be good to play, but Newcastle’s next opponent is Everton, it looks like relegation opponents, this game is very helpless, it is estimated that there will be a lot of accidents in this game.The Premier League is a doubleheader next week, which is plenty for these players.