The third largest shareholder peak holdings nanshan fell limit

2022-07-07 0 By

Nanshan Holdings, a real estate company, saw a rally in the past few days, pushing its share price close to its August 2020 high.After hitting the stage highs, the third largest shareholders recently met high holdings, 15 days south Mountain holdings limit.Since January this year, the long silence of Nanshan Holdings suddenly put out a force, from the previous near 2 yuan all the way up to about 5 yuan.February 11, Nanshan holdings trading limit, and with three consecutive gains on the flush dragon tiger list.For a while, the real estate plate recovery of news.On the 14th, Nanshan holdings reached a phased high of 5.2 yuan.Nanshan holdings this round of rebound has ended?Nan Shan’s shareholders have answered with action.ChinaLogisticsHolding(12)Pte.Ltd (CLH), Nan Shan’s third largest shareholder, reduced its holding by 12 million shares at an average price of 4.5 yuan per share on February 10 and more than 17 million shares at an average price of 5.04 yuan per share the next day, according to public information.These two reductions without doubt can be called high throw, very close to 5.2 yuan/shares of the short-term high.CLH announced plans to continue reducing its stake in the company over the next year.On The 15th, Nanshan Holdings fell by the daily limit at the opening, after a small shock, but still fell by the daily limit at 4.31 yuan.In the face of abnormal stock trading fluctuations, Nanshan Holdings said that there is no undisclosed matters should be disclosed, there is no undisclosed material information.Read: Yu Fanghua