Project supervise card is this major ok to take an examination of?

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Supervision certificate, supervision Engineer qualification Certificate application requirements: with technical secondary school education or above (including high school education), engaged in on-site quality inspection of building decoration for more than two years.It is divided into civil, municipal, installation, security and so on.Qualification requirements for registered Supervision engineer: Basic requirements All citizens of the People’s Republic of China who are healthy, law-abiding and meet one of the following conditions can apply for the qualification examination for supervision engineer.(1) Requirements for taking the general examination (four subjects) : 1, engineering technology or engineering economics major college degree (including junior college) or above, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, engineering technology intermediate post or engineering economics, 3 years in the job.2. Obtain senior positions in engineering technology or engineering economics according to relevant national regulations.(2) Exempt subjects: Applicants engaged in engineering construction supervision who meet the following four conditions can be exempted from the control of two subjects: “Construction Project Contract Management” and “Construction Project Quality, Investment and Progress”.1. Graduated from technical secondary school (including technical secondary school) or above with major in engineering technology or engineering Economics before 1970 (including 1970);2. Senior positions in engineering technology or engineering economics in accordance with relevant national regulations;3. Engaged in engineering design or construction management for 15 years;4. Engaged in supervision work for 1 year.If you need a certificate of employment issued by the corresponding company, you can ask the company to issue it for you.Read more Agree Add comments Share Favorites Like to view all 5 answers download Zhihu client to share knowledge, experience and insights with the world