Police in Bingcheng have cracked a huge case of selling fake alcohol

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3.15 Fake Moutai sold at a high price, set up a group of people to jail.Has always been, Harbin police harm to people’s livelihood of the people always keep “zero tolerance” illegal and criminal activities, to protect the safety of the masses “tongue”, has successfully break through a special selling fake maotai, wuliangye wine brands such as criminal gangs, 7 people caught the criminal suspect, seized fake maotai, wuliangye liquor, such as national pits 1973 1046 bottles of wine,Worth more than 2 million yuan.On September 1, 2020, the Food and drug environmental Investigation team of Harbin Public Security Bureau got a clue in their work that employees of a trading company in Songbei District were suspected of selling fake 53-degree Feitian Maotai liquor.Investigators quickly attack, will be suspected of selling fake Moutai Lu mou and 6 gang members arrested, the scene seized fake 53 degrees Feitian Moutai 18 bottles, seized the criminal gang selling fake Moutai bill a total of 9 pages, 11 mobile phones.After a sudden trial, the suspect confessed to the storage of fake Maotai, Wuliangye wine location.Investigators seized 733 bottles of 53-degree Feitian Moutai, 4 bottles of 30-year-old Guizhou Moutai, 123 bottles of zunyi 1953 53-degree Moutai, 162 bottles of Wuliangye wine and 6 bottles of Guojiao 1973 wine in a garage in Songbei District.After identification, the above are fake wine.According to the suspect’s confession, from June 2019 to September 2020, Lu and his gang sold fake registered trademarks of Maotai wine and Wuliangye wine with a total amount of more than 2 million yuan.According to the accounting, the value of moutai liquor and Wuliangye liquor with fake registered trademarks seized on the spot is more than 2 million yuan.In April 2019, the gang’s main suspect, Surnamed Lu, went to Maotai Town, Guizhou Province to buy customized wine.The so-called customized wine is to buy white bottles without labels, and print customized labels on the bottle body, which can be given to people or collection.After Lu gave away the customized wine, many people asked if they could buy more and sell them the good taste of the wine.Because the person that inquires to Lv mou is more, Lv mou then produced the idea of selling liquor.At this time, one of the gang to Lu said: “Since the market demand is so big, our company can directly sell liquor.If there is a brand effect, it will sell well.It’s a bespoke wine, so let’s label it.”So the suspect, Surnamed Lu, went to Maotai town again in May 2019 and found feng, the seller who had bought the customized liquor last time, and expressed his intention to print fake Maotai liquor and Wuliangye liquor.Feng promised, let Lv back waiting for the goods.Soon after Lv returned to Harbin, the first batch of customized fake Moutai and Wuliangye wine arrived. Lv bought fake Moutai and Wuliangye wine at the price of more than 200 yuan per bottle and 100 yuan per bottle.Sales: cheap did not have good goods suspect Lu some for gang members on the Internet to buy telephone call program, installed in the computer of 4 sales clerk, and then downloaded a large number of enterprise legal person’s contact information from the network, and will download good contact information into the telephone call system.When the salesman starts the outgoing call system program on the computer, the program automatically dials the imported phone number.After the connection, the sales clerk will introduce and promote the product according to the prepared words. They take advantage of the brand effect of well-known liquor and the temptation of ultra-low price, resulting in a large number of victims to buy well-known liquor with fake trademarks.After the victim buys, the suspect will record the receiving address of the other party, and promises to pay on delivery and return unsatisfied.The gang sold a large number of well-known brands of baijiu with fake registered trademarks in the hope that the victims would not lose money even if they returned them.As the saying goes, penny wise, pound foolish.Victims know the market price of well-known brands of baijiu, and most ask salesmen: “Why is your home selling so cheap?”Sales clerk said: “our company has special channels, can get the factory price directly.”It is these prefabricated words, so that more victims are deceived.Net: one person is not a lot of task force verification, Lv mou and other 7 gang members formed a more complete sales system.Lu mou is responsible for communication with the online delivery, salesman Liu mou, by a certain, ma mou and other 4 people full-time responsible for telephone sales business, Han mou is responsible for the gang sales accounts, there is also a man responsible for city delivery.The gang sold fake Moutai liquor and Wuliangye liquor for more than 2 million yuan, and the value of the attempted crime was more than 2 million yuan, and the illegal income was more than 1 million yuan.Due to the large amount of money involved and the large number of regions involved, the case has been listed as a supervised case by the provincial Public Security Department, and the cluster case was approved by the Ministry of Public Security.At present, the seven suspects have been sentenced by the Songbei District court, and handed over illegal income.The case on-line Feng for Guizhou Chishui people, through the suspect Lv confessed, the task force investigators to its careful study and judgment, and the case of the person involved in the crime transferred to the Public Security Bureau of Guizhou Chishui city.At present, Feng has been guizhou Chishui police to sell counterfeit registered trademarks of goods on file for investigation.In this case, the investigators of the special case team cracked down on the brazenness of food crimes with the whole chain and concentrated the net, effectively guaranteed the health of the masses, saved the economic loss of more than 10 million yuan for the state-owned enterprises, and further optimized the business environment of Harbin.The police urged consumers to strengthen their awareness of fraud, and the well-known brand liquor will not be sold through telephone sales, nor will it be significantly lower than the normal market price.Whether it is online or offline to buy well-known brand liquor, we should look for the officially authorized direct-sale stores, and we can ask the sales staff to show the relevant procedures of its authorized operation.If you buy fake liquor from well-known brands, you should report it to the police immediately.