A moment of relief: Polarity reverses, metaphorically speaking

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1. Last night drove with his wife to go out to play, behind a car has been open far light follow, I pointed to the rearview mirror said to his wife, behind a dog!The wife looked to the mirror once to say, which have?No dog!I said yes, a high-light dog!Then she asked, what is a longlight dog?And now I have to explain to her what a longlight dog is while I’m driving!2. In the Internet cafe, come in a woman, a look around, came to a boy’s side, picked up the boy’s ear on scolding: “You are not to the teacher’s home make up lessons?”Shielding his ears, the boy stared at the monitor and shouted, “Daddy, someone hit me!”The man was furious: “Where? I’ll take care of him!”Unexpectedly, the woman came to his side again, pick up his ear, scold way: “you are not to work overtime?”My colleague met a girlfriend online. He was afraid of being cheated and asked me to accompany him.After going, I found his eye thief good, looking for a fairy.He didn’t have a few drinks before he collapsed, and I hit it off with her, and then we got along.When we were going to get married, she said to me, “Honey, you haven’t been to my house yet. Let’s meet mom and Dad.”I promised, to her home I saw colleagues quickly apologize: “we want to get married, you don’t blame me?”He knocked me down with a fist and said, “My son-in-law has been waiting for this day for a long time. How dare you bully me in the company?”A dancer wrote a passionate letter to a philosopher.”It would be good for future generations and for eugenics if they were allowed to marry,” the letter advised.She stressed how wonderful it would be to have a child with my beauty and your intelligence! ‘The philosopher read it and wrote back that he could not accept the offer.”It would be a very bad thing,” said he, “for the boy to have my looks and your wisdom.”5. If you were given $5 million to complete one of these tasks within the next year, which one would it be?6. Humans need to wipe their asses when they poop. Why don’t animals?The ancient punishment “iron shoes”, will be hot 100℃ iron shoes forced on the feet of the prisoner, I want to let the netizens try what is the feeling of 8.Two years ago, the chick in my neighborhood was so cute.Two years later, I found her married.Do you have that experience?9. What about the delivery man?11. Is it cheating when your boyfriend goes out to visit prostitutes during your relationship?12. How to contradict her?If you don’t understand, read god’s comments.13. If you were allowed to return to 1997 with one million RMB, what investment would you make?14. Are you busy?15. The sea is too salty to drink!So how do sea animals get their fresh water?