15. Xiaoting police have cracked a border smuggling case

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Do you still believe Internet rumors like this?15. Recently, xiaoting public security cracked a case of illegally stealing the border of Xiaoting, and captured 3 fugitives. 8 suspects suspected of stealing the border of Xiaoting were taken criminal compulsory measures according to law.15. At the end of 2021, xiaoting public Security sub-bureau Interpol brigade according to the clues, the investigation of smuggling back personnel, found peng, Cheng, Liu and others have smuggled across the country (border) suspected.15. Later xiaoting public security dispatched elite police force to comb and dig the case.After two months of thorough investigation, we finally found out the facts of the case, overcame the severe epidemic situation and difficulties in handling the case in other places, and went on business trips to Tianmen, Jingzhou, Guangzhou and other places to arrest the suspects involved in the case.As, in September 2019, intent on “making a fortune” of a certain, lu peng etc. Eight people banded from tianmen city prepared to go the Burmese city to earn money, don’t have any regular incoming formalities 8 people contact with local “snake”, via multiple transfer vehicle smuggling to Burma, and illegal stranded for a long time, because of the outbreak,Contact the “head of the snake” again through the illegal way has been smuggled back to China.On February 28, 2022, the police went on a business trip for the fourth time to escort the online fugitives Peng, Cheng and Liu back to the area under escort, and all the people involved in the case arrived at the case.A million a year is a dream and prison is real!Northern Myanmar is not a place beyond the law to sneak across the border to engage in telecom network fraud and gambling activities is a criminal act, harm others harm yourself, the public security organs will always maintain a situation of hard fighting and high pressure, do not take chances.Legal basis: Whoever, in accordance with Article 322 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, illegally crosses the National border (frontier) in violation of the law on border administration, if the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than one year, criminal detention or public surveillance and shall also be fined;Whoever, for the purpose of joining terrorist organizations, receiving terrorist training or carrying out terrorist activities, illegally crosses the border of (the country) shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than one year but not more than three years and shall also be fined.According to article 62 (2) of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Penalties for Public Security Administration, those who illegally cross the national border (border) shall be detained for less than 5 days or fined less than 500 yuan if criminal punishment is not enough.15. Source: Xiaoting Public Security