On the first day of the first lunar month, the police will not leave their posts so that “drunk driving” behavior can not escape

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In order to further reduce the incidence of the drunken driving behavior during the Spring Festival will be le joint in chengguan police station into the public security traffic police districts such as hotels, restaurants, bars, KTV on wine place to carry out the “refused to drunk driving” promotional activity distribution of the traffic safety propaganda materials, and put in place of honor at the gate of the front desk, “happiness is priceless Refused to drunk driving “sign,Put up posters of “Refuse drunk driving and go home safely” to create a strong festive atmosphere;Explain the harm of drunk driving, guide the majority of traffic participants away from drunk driving, firmly establish the consciousness of civilized driving and safe travel, take the initiative to become a volunteer to discourage drunk driving, let drunk driving become a “rat across the street, everyone shouted”.At the same time, the initiative of all places, head of the worker to improve their traffic safety consciousness, actively participate in the ban on drunk driving, publicity and education work to remind drivers to come to dinner to do “don’t drink and drive, drive don’t drink alcohol,” to build a refused to drunk driving, traffic safety to create a safe, civilized, harmonious and smooth road traffic environment.Family reunion, visiting relatives and friends must do not drink and drive, do not drink and drive not overcrowding, not speeding, not overloading abandon bad traffic habits and spend a safe New Year.2518131381@qq.com have what whisper to tell small make up not?Come to the interactive area to leave a message!No!?How about a dot?