Let sports heat up for the Winter Olympics, with youth for the era!Hunan SATELLITE TV winter Olympics activities really fun

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“Jumping, squatting and hiding”, with a few simple movements and changes brought by poor vision, can easily experience the fun of skiing. This is a multi-dimensional interactive experience staged by Hunan SATELLITE TV in changsha’s busiest streets during the Spring Festival from January 28.Despite the recent continuous rain and snow, but the winter still can not stop the enthusiasm of the national ice and snow sports, activities attracted a large number of people to participate.At this juncture when the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics collide, Hunan SATELLITE TV cut into the details of life with an innovative expression, which aroused the public’s experience and emotional resonance, and led young people in a new way to clock in the Spring Festival!As the Spring Festival approaches, six bus stations in Changsha, including octagonal Pavilion and Wuyi Square, have changed their appearance.Wearing a tiger hat, wearing a festive red dress, skating shoes on the rhubarb interactive game device parachuted into the bus station, and everyone together to welcome the Winter Olympics, celebrate the New Year.Pedestrians waiting for the bus, by swinging their head, or half squat, half jump movement changes, using the change of vision difference “help” rhubarb across the shuttle traffic, enjoy the joy of ice and snow sports.The ice skating activity, which broke through dimensions, melted the cold brought by the freezing rain in the winter and made participants warm from body to heart!The atmosphere was lively, with fathers and daughters playing games together, couples dodging cars, and college students who were invited to the scene by their friends……The whole nation is immersed in the “Fast and Furious” skating activities;It is popular on social platforms, and the number of weibo, Douyin and video plays is considerable (it can be adjusted according to actual data).For a long time, ice and snow sports have high requirements for venues and equipment, and always give the general public a strong sense of “distance”.However, under the national craze of “attracting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, ice and snow sports gradually break the limitations of region and season, attracting more and more people to participate in ice and snow sports.Under this background, the hunan satellite TV play, director of the content of innovation and change “cold” movement pattern in Chinese “hot”, through such simple but interesting “skating”, ice and snow sports to our daily life, refresh the mass of ice and snow sports cognition at the same time, heating up people’s “enthusiasm” snow and ice, achieving universal “enjoy” the games!With the increasingly accelerated pace of life, the public’s time is becoming more and more fragmented, “phubber group” has become a high incidence of cervical spondylosis.This activity, hunan satellite TV will bus station this is very common in daily life scenes, and the Olympic winter games and a healthy body, strong correlation, let everybody in the experience of ice and snow sports at the same time, through the head, squat legs, such as dodge action, in imperceptible in activities for the whole body, such as improved play mobile phone bad habits.At the same time, Hunan SATELLITE TV accurately captures the life scenes of contemporary youth. In the trivial matter of “waiting for a bus”, hunan SATELLITE TV presents an interesting and challenging “skating challenge”, which makes the public feel ecstatic when they cross the vehicle and laugh when they have not escaped the obstacle……Hunan SATELLITE TV not only makes the small matter of “waiting for a bus” interesting, but also enables the public to regain the small happiness and happiness that are common but always neglected in life. This reflects hunan Satellite TV’s profound insight into social needs and resonance with the people and The Times.With small incisions, big feelings and positive energy, Hunan SATELLITE TV pays close attention to the life of ordinary people all the time, amplifies the happiness in life, delivers profound humanistic feelings in warm and plain planning, and achieves the smooth implementation of “youth proposition”.To grasp the era context Hunan satellite TV and people TongPinGongZhen skating “challenge” is undoubtedly the games under the theme of mango, hunan satellite TV from the perspective of people, youth and youth express multiple complete “led three hundred million people participate in ice and snow sports” under the boom of the youth profile, move the emotional resonance, fueling the games events.In fact, under the new positioning of “youth China”, Hunan SATELLITE TV always keeps pace with The Times and resonates with youth.”Salute to you” “We go forward” to feel the youth of youth, pay tribute to the true hero of ordinary people, release the emotional temperature of youth and national resonance;Double Ninth Festival “double screen question and answer”, New Year’s eve “silhouette punch” record important moments in life, to meet the people’s yearning for a better life.Looking back, it is not difficult to find that it is based on this series of “human connection” innovation that makes “youth” more clearly engraved in the gene of Hunan TV.In 2022, Hunan SATELLITE TV will continue to cultivate fertile soil and embrace the new era. In the name of youth, it will answer the questions of the era and compose a “hongbo song” in the new era with the largest investment, the best creativity and the most full enthusiasm.The stars are boiling hot, only love!Hunan SATELLITE TV and youth counterparts, together to the future!