Delicious, fun, good-looking…Songjiang street towns colorful Lantern Festival activities

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Make tangyuan, set up lanterns, guess lantern riddles, go to Guangfulin at night…In recent days, residents of songjiang streets and towns have celebrated the Lantern Festival in different ways, adding a thick festive atmosphere to the New Year of the Tiger.In Wenjinyuan community of Xiaokunshan town, a theme activity of “Party building + folk custom” to celebrate the Lantern Festival was held recently. Non-local families, property staff and community “Silver Bell” volunteers who stayed in Shanghai for the Spring Festival gathered together.After a while, a bowl of sweet and delicious dumplings came out of the pot. While tasting, we enjoyed lute playing, Chinese dance, opera and other folk programs.Part of the dumplings were also sent to the poor members of the community, low-income families, so that the warmth in the community.”Lanterns should be held up with a wire skeleton.””Keep your eyebrows near the center for a cuter look!””The tiger has to put white dots in its eyes to make it look alive.”Jiuligongfang Youth Center organized teenagers and parents to carry out the “adorable” tiger lanterns handmade activities, the scene was a scene of laughter.Big eyes, hairy eyebrows, tassels that read “auspicious”…The lanterns made by parents and children are creative and cute.On the morning of February 13, zhongshan Street nursing home held a fun Lantern Festival activity for the elderly friends.Nursing home for the preparation of lantern production materials, rainbow assistant to take the method of demonstration and explanation, so that we have an in-depth understanding of the complete production process of lanterns.The old friends all listened carefully and eagerly followed the steps.Under the guidance of the rainbow assistant patience, old friends discuss each other, help each other, in a short time, a delicate lantern was born in everyone’s hands.In the package of wonton link, rainbow assistant and elderly friends skilled, methodical action, the scene laughter, we compete with each other, better than who wonton package, but also learn from time to time skills.After a while, rows of wrapped wontons neatly presented in front of us, looking at their own results, we face a happy smile.It is reported that the Zhongshan Street nursing home strictly implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control measures.In the Lantern Festival, the nursing home launched the elderly family, through the online “cloud blessing”, by the family recorded video, the staff is responsible for editing, to bring the best wishes for the elderly.The fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, guess riddles naturally little.Early in the morning of the Lantern Festival, the dance classroom on the second floor of Zhongshan Happiness is decorated with lanterns.Row after row of red lanterns hung high, and beneath them waved red cardboard with riddles written on it.”National Day Mid-Autumn Festival spread good news” “rural August idle people less”……Standing under the lanterns, the residents would take off their riddles and go to the exchange desk to receive their prizes.Volunteers prepared notebooks, neutral pens, tableware and other prizes early.Fangsong street guessing lantern riddles, table curling, ring, throwing…On February 14, residents and business representatives gathered together to experience the traditional folk customs and the enthusiasm of the Winter Olympics in a happy and peaceful atmosphere.At 1:30 PM on the same day, the reporter came to the Thames town neighborhood committee activity room to see a lot of “snow” hanging on the wall, the early arrival of the residents are talking about the Winter Olympics, very lively.”We blow out candles for the people whose birthdays are in February, and we eat cake together.”Thames town neighborhood committee director Zhou Qi introduced to reporters, as a fixed activity, the neighborhood committee will organize a monthly birthday celebration for the residents.After the birthday party, the Lantern Festival fun games began.Lantern riddles hang under glittering and translucent “snowflakes”, covering characters, idioms, animals, daily necessities and current hot spots. Residents either read the questions with their heads up, or lower their heads in meditation.”It’s very interesting to guess lantern riddles. There are prizes for correct answers.”Resident Aunt Min said, holding a prize she had just won.Small tables surrounded by residents to challenge, the most popular spot is table curling.A is playing happily children told reporters, recently watched the Winter Olympics curling competition, feel very interesting.”The children have been staying at home during the winter vacation, and this activity today can get their bodies and minds moving together. It is a meaningful activity for them to learn about traditional culture and enhance their understanding of the Winter Olympics.””Said a parent at the scene.Guangfulin street “Dongfeng night put thousands of trees, more blown, stars like rain.”Xin Qiji once described the Lantern Festival in the word full of lights of the lively scene.In Songjiang, the 2022 Spring Festival of Guangfulin Cultural Relics, which lasted for more than half a month, provided the public with a light feast integrating technology and art.Walking in guangfulin at night, whether it is pavilions, waterside pavilions, or stone Bridges running water, I saw bright lights everywhere, fire trees and silver flowers, giving people a dreamlike sensory experience.Sijing town to make bingdun Dun Yuanxiao every year, bingdun Dun dun is this year’s favorite.Sijing residents have to roll up their sleeves and do it by themselves. Orange peels, paper cuttings, colored mud, glutinous rice balls…We rely on both hands to achieve “dun Dun freedom”.Every family must make tangyuan for the Lantern Festival. Of course, it is a symbol of reunion and sweet tangyuan.When it comes to tangyuan, it is impossible to miss the sijing Intangible Cultural Heritage “A Liu Tangyuan”. The non-hereditary inheritor walked into the community and taught the residents how to make delicious tangyuan on the spot. After being cooked, the tangyuan was crystal clear, large and full, and the soup was delicious, which was welcomed by everyone.In addition to the intangible cultural heritage tangyuan, each community new Era civilization practice station also organized activities to make tangyuan, some responsible for kneading dough, some responsible for mixing fillings, some responsible for boiling tangyuan.After the dumplings are cooked, we taste the fruits of our labor and send holiday wishes to each other.Guess lantern riddles and eat tangyuan, then use your brain to see who is the “strongest brain”.The riddles in residential areas integrate knowledge and interest, including party construction, honesty, winter Olympics knowledge, folk customs and other types.We carefully analyze answers, or discuss, or meditation, or consult mobile phones, the whole scene is permeated with joy, harmony, festive atmosphere.Lanterns are one of the indispensable elements of the Lantern Festival. Making lanterns not only inherits traditional culture, but also enhances neighborhood friendship. Residents who participate in the activities say:”The community organized us to make lanterns, which not only made us feel the festive atmosphere of the Lantern Festival, but also reminded us of the joy of the festival when we were children and wished everyone a happy life.”In order to let the elderly living alone and the disadvantaged groups spend a warm Lantern Festival, the party branches and neighborhood committees in residential areas carried out the Lantern Festival visit condolence activities, for them to send warmth and care of the community family.The staff and volunteers serve them dumplings, talk to them about their thoughts, hopes and wishes in the New Year, and do their best to help.The Rongle community of Yueyang Street held a “red-collar class to make Yuanxiao” activity recently, inviting children and their parents to make tangyuan, listen to stories, make lanterns, and have a lively yuanxiao.After the dumplings were wrapped, some of them were sent to community doctors and people with disabilities.Set up a long table with sweet and salty fillings, and the aunts in the community wrapped tangyuan early in the morning.After a while, the children followed their parents and grandparents to the scene, holding the dough in their hands, learning to wrap it, seal it, and then rub it into a ball.Part of the dumplings are put into the pot, and the other part is packed into boxes, labeled and waiting for the “express delivery” of love.While waiting for the dumplings to cook, the children sat around the table and listened to Grandpa Li tell stories about the Red Army and the Lantern Festival.Subsequently, the children after a clipping, collage, the production of yizhanzhan small lamp.When the soup was ripe, the children sat down with their elders to taste the fruits of their labor.”The sweet one is filled with bean paste, and the salty one is filled with fresh meat.The children’s skills varied, but the thought was unique.”After eating a bowl of dumplings, resident Xiao Yang not feeling with emotion way.”At present, we are in the stage of normal epidemic prevention and control. There are many elderly residents in our community, and the community doctors are working very hard.There are also some disabled people who can’t move easily, so they can’t come and celebrate with us.”Chen Junying, secretary of the Party General Branch in Rongle residential area, carried dumplings and went to the community health station with the staff to send warm sympathy to the community doctors who were busy.Then they rushed to the homes of disabled people in the community and sent them the warmth of the neighborhood.Text: Peng Luliang Feng LI Mengqi LI Shuang Xin Sijin Picture: Gao Yu Li Mengqi LI Shuang Xin Sijin Editor: Zhou Yuwei Yang Lu Xu Ping Zhang Youming Xue Liangliang Lu Yiyi Yang Shuhan