19 year old American ski rookie, father of coach Shaun White, to challenge Shaun in the Winter Olympics

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That’s the American up-and-coming skier. The 19-year-old, whose father coached world legend Shaun White, has already broken several U.S. snowboarding records.After winning two gold MEDALS at the 2021 Winter X Games, the teenager set his sights even higher, taking on veteran Shaun White at the Beijing Olympics, the American prodigy named Dusty.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is a springboard for first-time Olympians to compete for gold.Win, fame and fortune;If you lose, you can gain experience for the next Olympics.In the snowboarding world, 19-year-old Dusty is one of those athletes, competing against legendary snowboarder Shaun White, the most decorated Olympic snowboarder of all time, who will be competing in his fifth and final Winter Olympics.At his first extreme event in Aspen in 2021, Dusty effortlessly took home two gold MEDALS, becoming the first American to win a men’s slalom gold in 12 years.Three-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White was the last person to receive the honor.Winter games are never short of some epic battles, especially thanks to dusty.Dusty was born on February 2, 2003, in SAN Bernardino, California.At age 2, he started skiing on the slopes of Big Bear ski Resort.At the age of 12, he arrived at Mammoth Mountain, where conditions were more suitable for training races.Soon after, he made the U.S. snowboarding rookie team.He recently won a gold medal at the 2020 Youth Olympics in Lausanne, Switzerland.Dusty’s family sacrificed everything for his skiing dream, even moving 300 miles from Big Bear to Mammoth Mountain.”My dad used to drive me to Mammoth Mountain in Southern California every weekend for three seasons, and then we finally decided to move there, and after living in an RV for a year, we finally found a house we could afford,” Dusty told Yahoo.So the whole family came together for me and my brother so we could get more involved in our skateboarding training.I really can’t express my gratitude to them in any way.3. Not many people had heard of Dusty until he appeared at the 2020 Laax Open.When he did a double front somersault to pull down his knuckles, it went viral.He also completed the first quadruple jump in us Open history — four off-axis flips and five full spins.This move, is really stunned everyone!Dusty’s dad coached Shaun White after winning slopestyle gold in January, Dusty was compared to Shaun White.And they have more in common than just achieving this feat.Dusty’s dad Marco helped coach Shaun White at the Bears and helped Shaun White win his championship and start his illustrious career.Marco even used to show Little Dusty a video of Sean performing on the slopes.5.B.I.G., his favorite artist Dusty said while skiing that he loves listening to B.I.G.At his last fight, Dusty told NBC he listened to B.I.G. ‘s songs on repeat.As for his musical talents, Dusty revealed that he plays a “little guitar” and plays the ukulele.