Sichuan CDC Health Alert (16:00 on February 2, 2022)

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From 00:00 to 24:00 on February 1, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 36 new local confirmed cases (15 in Zhejiang, all in Hangzhou;Twelve cases were reported in Tianjin, including six in Hebei, four in Binhai New Area and two in Hedong district.Six cases were reported in Guangdong, including 2 in Shenzhen, 1 in Huizhou, 1 in Meizhou, 1 in Heyuan and 1 in Yunfu.2 cases in Beijing, both in Fengtai District;1 case in Hebei, hengshui City).Four asymptomatic cases were reported in Guangdong, including three in Yunfu city and one in Shenzhen.Against input, to strictly implement the “bounce” strategy and “dynamic reset” general policy, effectively control and reduce the risk of the disease spread, the centers for disease control and prevention in sichuan province warm prompt you: come back to sichuan policy tips warm prompt (return) sichuan personnel should actively participate in epidemic prevention and control work, actively fulfill their obligation to the prevention and control and personal protection, cooperate to carry out the epidemic prevention and control measures.Home quarantine period, to live alone or single live, use a separate toilet, never leave home, rejected all visits and temperature measurement by 2 times a day, if there is a fever, dry cough, fatigue, smell, taste) sleep loss, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, muscle pain and diarrhea, first take the initiative to report to the village (community), closed loop to the hospital in time.During home health monitoring, do not go out unless necessary, do personal protection when going out, do not go to work,Not into religious places, hotels, museums, try singing and dancing entertainment places, chess and card room, parlor), tourist scenic spots, business site of Internet access services, operations, business super, the farmer’s market the traffic function room (community residents’ committees), the village committee, village (community activity room), service center, pharmacy, between the enterprises and institutions and other public places,May not be on a plane, train, passenger bus, subway and other public transport, avoid aggregation activities, temperature measurement by 2 times a day, if there is a fever, dry cough, fatigue, smell (taste) sleep loss, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, muscle pain and diarrhea, first take the initiative to report to the village (community), personal protection, promptly to the hospital.If you have a recent travel history in the following areas, please report to your village, work unit or hotel as soon as possible to coordinate epidemic prevention and control work.01 Recently, we have focused on hangzhou of Zhejiang Province, Shenzhen of Guangdong Province, Fengtai District of Beijing, Mudanjiang of Heilongjiang Province, and Horgos of Yili Prefecture of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.Do not travel to high – and medium-risk areas and areas with local outbreaks.If you have a recent travel history in an epidemic area and receive a warning message or your health code changes to “yellow”, please immediately report your travel history to your village (community), work unit or hotel, take nucleic acid test as required, and cooperate with all epidemic prevention and control measures.All personnel will continue to pay attention to their health status, health code color, and whether there are new cases of COVID-19 in related areas after they come to or return to Sichuan.If you have fever, dry cough, fatigue, loss of smell (taste) sensation, diarrhea, sore throat and other symptoms, please go to the fever clinic in time;If the health code appears red or yellow, or there is an epidemic in the relevant area, you should immediately report to the village (community), work unit or hotel, and cooperate with all prevention and control measures.For the convenience of the masses, nucleic acid testing institutions do not close during the Spring Festival!Individuals in need of testing can consult or make an appointment through wechat or phone, choose the nearest institution for testing, or inquire through “Tianfu Health Link” — popular service — medical and epidemic prevention institutions.Test results can be queried through “Tianfu Health Pass” — popular service — nucleic acid and antibody test results.When entering shopping malls, supermarkets and cinemas, please check your body temperature and health code.Try to adopt non-contact scanning code payment method for payment and ticket purchase;Reasonable arrangement of time, do not hang around for a long time, do not gather, do not gather;Maintain social distancing of at least 1 meter;Wear a mask at all times;Minimize touching public facilities;Wash your hands when you get home.Source: Sichuan CDC