Shut down! Nucleic acid tests for all!

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Six new local confirmed cases were reported in Guangxi between 0:00 and 24:00 on February 5.There are seven confirmed cases and one asymptomatic case in China.On February 4, Debao County in South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region upgraded its epidemic prevention and control measures after a COVID-19 case was reported in Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen city.Pingguo city please trajectory coincides staff to carry out the nucleic acid detection on February 4, guangxi debao county in shenzhen baoan district rock street returnees COVID – 19 positive cases, debao close contacts of the confirmed cases (in Tian Yang area) nucleic acid testing there have been positive, the positive cases close contacts close contacts, time has not yet been fully screening and control,Jingxi guangxi city still have large input and epidemic spread risk, to do a good job in risk areas return nucleic acid detection work, input, diffusion and prevent the epidemic spread, medical institutions at the same time avoid cluster sampling in clustering outbreak, pingguo city urban area now temporary set eight nucleic acid sample point, temporary convenience sampling, the crowd dispersed now notice is as follows:Shenzhen, Debao County, Longlin County, Youjiang District, Tianyang District, Jingxi City or those who have overlap with the activity track of the positive people are invited to take the initiative to report to the village (community) and work unit where they live in Pingguo Urban area. Please have a history of living in Debao County and Jingxi city since January 27.February 2, has a history of youjiang area, Tian Yang area in February 4, and has a history of longlin county living or coincide with the reported positive human activities track situation in flat personnel immediately to do self protection, carrying personal valid identity certificate, on February 5-8 to the specified temporary nucleic acid during sampling point 1 times the nucleic acid detection sampling;People from other townships (towns) outside Matou Town who belong to the above type shall, according to the requirements of the same type of people in the urban area, go to the health center under the jurisdiction for nucleic acid testing and sampling, and voluntarily comply with the health management requirements of Pingguo City.In view of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Debao County, Jingxi is planning to carry out nucleic acid testing for all its staff in the city in the coming days, in order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic and safeguard the safety of people in Jingxi.(I) People from all towns and villages in the city are requested to actively cooperate with the nucleic acid testing work, pay attention to the wechat public account of jingxi CDC in advance, input their identity information, and bring their ID cards or household registration books to the designated place for testing.When queuing for testing, please show your health code, wear a mask at all times, keep a distance of more than 1 meter from others, and cooperate with on-site staff.(2) For those who do not participate in the nucleic acid testing within the specified time, those who do not obey the command or disturb the order, health code yellow code management will be carried out according to the requirements of the superior, and the scope of activities will be limited.Please refrain from spreading rumors, believing or spreading rumors.Debao county people’s hospital lift the controls debao county people’s hospital on February 4, 2022, found in routine nucleic acid testing work, 1 case of returnees nucleic acid testing early screening result is positive, to ensure the county people’s hospital personnel and other personnel in hospital healthy body, the county temporarily control epidemic prevention and control command to the county people’s hospital,After nucleic acid tests were performed on all the control personnel, the temporary control of debao County People’s Hospital was lifted, and the hospital resumed normal operation of medical services from May 5.Napo, Guangxi:Entertainment premises shall be closed during the outbreak, sit-down dining areas… County, guangxi will be coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work leading group headquarters issued on February 5th, 2022, in view of the baise part of the county (city, area) appeared on epidemic situation, according to the current epidemic prevention and control work in baise needs and requirements,Napo county KTV, bars, cinemas, chess and card rooms, Internet cafes, health clubs, games and entertainment venues will be temporarily closed, villages (towns), villages (communities) in principle to stop all gathering activities, restaurants are prohibited.Guangxi debao cultural entertainment business shall be suspended Guangxi debao county will be coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work leading group office issued on February 5th, 2022, various cultural entertainment places within their respective jurisdictions, cinema, Internet cafes, singing and dancing entertainment, KTV, bar, billiards room, chess and card room, games, games room, etc.) shall be closed;We advocate “postpone red matters, simplify white matters and avoid banquets”, and refrain from holding large-scale gatherings of people.Beauty salons, foot bath shops, health massage shops and other business entertainment service places should strictly carry out health code and Novel Coronavirus vaccination record (identification) checks (hereinafter referred to as “two-code” inspection) at the entrance of the places, take temperature measurement, wear masks and other prevention and control measures, and strengthen ventilation and disinfection;In crowded places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, farmers’ markets, wholesale markets, hotels, guesthouses, scenic spots and pharmacies, prevention and control measures such as “two-yard” inspection, temperature measurement and wearing masks should be strictly implemented at the entrances of business premises.Strictly implement staff health monitoring, regular nucleic acid testing;Strictly carry out disinfection, ventilation and other prevention and control measures in business premises.(Original title: Nucleic acid testing for all staff!All cultural and entertainment venues will be suspended!Epidemic prevention in Many areas of Guangxi province has been upgraded