Runyi Pavilion share: One of the Qianling Shinto Tour

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After 23 years, the project was basically completed.The momentum is magnificent.Qianling tomb with a total of 17 tombs.Plan has the prince’s tomb two (Zhang Huai prince Li Xian, Yi De prince Li Chong-run), wang’s tomb three (Ze Wang Li Shangjin, Xu Wang Li Sujie, Bin Wang Li Shouli), princess’s tomb four (Yiyang Princess, Xindu Princess, Princess Anxing, Princess Yongtai), minister’s tomb eight.From 1960 to 1971, five tombs including Princess Yongtai, Prince Zhang Huai, Prince Yide, Zhong Shuling Xue Yuanchao, and Duke Li Jinxing of Yan were excavated, and more than 4300 precious cultural relics were unearthed.Among them are more than 100 colorful tomb murals.The Qianling tomb is the best preserved main tomb of the 18 Tang Tombs, and the only one in the Tang Tombs that has not been stolen.Qianling is the only tomb in the world where both husband and wife were buried together.In 683, Wu Zetian appointed wei Weiwei, minister of Civil Affairs, to be in charge of the construction of the Qianling Mausoleum. Li Zhi was buried in August of the following year, and the construction of the Qianling Mausoleum continued after that.In the second year of shenlong (706), Emperor Zhongzong Li Xian ordered Wu Zetian to be buried.From liangshan South two peaks of the natural double que, north in turn symmetrical arrangement.At the top is a pair of eight-prism stone Huabao, which is more than 8 meters high, followed by a pair of upright, round and magnificent stone winged horses. To the north of the winged horses is a pair of beautiful high-relief ostriches, which is a symbol of cultural exchanges and friendly exchanges between the Tang Dynasty and the people of the Western Regions.The ostriches are followed by five pairs of stone horses with riders and 10 pairs of stone weng Zhong, about four meters high.This article has been authorized by the author. The music Art Club declined to copy it to its official account without consent