People of all ethnic groups are happy, healthy and the great motherland is prosperous and strong

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Local people perform folk culture shows to welcome guests and celebrate the Spring Festival in Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie city, Hunan Province.Photo by Wu Yongbing (people’s vision) G1576 train on duty of Zhengzhou Passenger section of China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., LTD., the conductor and the young passengers interact cordiately, celebrating the festival.Photo by Zhao Jingjing/Yan Bo (People’s Vision) People appreciate the charm of traditional Chinese culture during the Activity of “Appreciating Chinese New Year paintings” held at Beijing Square in Qianmen, Beijing.Early in the morning on New Year’s Eve, in Bayan Wulan Sulu, Inner Mongolia’s Xingan League, villager Wang Qiaoyun puts on new clothes and picks up stuffing for dumplings in the kitchen.This is the first Spring Festival that Wang Qiaoyun and his family have spent in their new home as ecological migrants of the Jiliao Project. “Spring Festival in the new home is a new life and a new atmosphere.Spacious yard, easy to go out, community facilities are perfect, life is more and more hopeful!”Accompanied by cheerful music, hundreds of people in Xinkang Village, Xicha Town, Lanzhou New District, Gansu Province, started dancing.Lu Zhijun, a villager, has wrapped dumplings and preserved pork is fragrant.”This is our first Spring Festival in our new home.”Last August, Lu Zhijun moved from Beishan Village, Lijie Town, Zhouqu County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, to Lanzhou New Area, where his family of four live in a three-bedroom apartment.”The government has trained our skills and helped us find jobs, and our income has increased a lot.”Lu zhijun said, now live steady, comfortable, in the future to work harder, better.At the construction site of a high-quality drinking water plant in Jiangdong New District, Haikou city, Hainan province, 163 workers wrote “fu” (福), pasted Spring Festival couplets and made dumplings.They exchanged New Year’s greetings, ate two fresh dumplings, and went back to work.With a roar, four pumps start at the same time, and concrete flows from them into the steel bars.”The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, and the overall progress is now more than halfway.””When connected to the water supply network, a high-quality drinking water supply system will be formed, greatly improving the drinking water quality of residents in jiangdong New Area,” said Wu Guang, project safety director.”Have a family reunion dinner!”On New Year’s Eve, the family of Wei Dehui, a large farmer in Xiaohe Village, Jianlong Town, Bishan District, Chongqing, sit around a table full of dishes.”Our family used to be poor, with a monthly income of 1,000 yuan.”With the help of the government, Wei Dehui and his wife set up a standardized farm, and the profit last year was more than 300,000 yuan. “This Spring Festival orders doubled than in previous years, and we plan to expand the farm to 600 square meters!”In Tianmushan Town, Lin ‘an District, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province, the “Moonlight Workshop” b&B is bustling and peaceful.”In the past, Moon Bridge village mainly planted bamboo shoots, and the villagers’ income was not high.”Zhang Huiyun, the boss, said that in recent years, with the implementation of the “five water co-governance” and “village scenic spot” projects, the village hills are greener, the water is cleaner, and the village appearance is cleaner. “We villagers also eat the tourism meal. This year, every employee gets a big red envelope!””Government care and pocket money…”A gong sounded, and the old people in Wangzhuang Village Hospital of Taikang County, Zhoukou city, Henan province, held a party spontaneously. Xu Xiushen, 77, performed a cliff-script composed and arranged by himself, winning rounds of applause.The hospital is equipped with entertainment rooms, cinemas and libraries, as well as medical services such as robotic nursing beds.”The state is taking more and more good care of our old people!”Xu xiushen said.A cloisonne intangible Cultural Heritage work, not only shows the elements of snow and ice, but also full of the charm of the ancient capital;A red palace lamp, the winter Olympics mascot and traditional auspicious decoration combined, fashionable and festive……In the Beijing Winter Olympic Village, the yanqing Winter Olympic Village and the main media center of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games are holding an exhibition themed “Cultural China”.The exhibition, with nearly 300 exhibits, revolves around themes such as snow and ice, Spring Festival and the Great Wall.Beijing has fully displayed the charm of traditional culture of the Olympic City through the exhibition of Intangible cultural heritage during the Spring Festival.Put on skates, wear tight protective gear and protective cap, carefully step on the ice……”Ice sports are so much fun,” said Six-year-old Li Dantong, a student at Qida Ice Sports Center in Tengchong, Yunnan Province.This Spring Festival, Tengchong held a series of activities “Welcome spring with ice and snow, Celebrate the New Year”, so that children in the south can also experience the “ice New Year”.Along with the melodious cantonese rhyme, dozens of boats, decorated with lights, cross the Liwan Lake in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.The 12th “Litchi Bay · Xinxiguan” year of the Tiger folk culture activities are hot, this activity centered on Yongqing Square, including intangible heritage display, Cantonese opera exhibition and other contents, online and offline combination, attracted the attention of many citizens.(Report by Pan Junqiang, Wang Hanyang, Dou Hanyang, Zhai Qinqi, Ye Chuanzeng, BI Jingjin, Luo Aihua, Wang Xinyue and Cao Wenxuan) People’s Daily (February 02, the first edition of 2022)