Yanling county held “Chinese poetry yan Di mausoleum ancestor worship and Qingming Poetry” preparatory work will be promoted

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Conference site.Rednet moment On March 13 news (correspondent Tang Lichan) On the evening of March 11, Yanling county organized a “Chinese poetry yan Emperor mausoleum ancestor worship and Qingming Poetry” preparatory work will be promoted.More than 20 people attended the conference, including the person in charge of the county propaganda and culture system, the person in charge of the program, and some scholars of The Yan Emperor culture and poetry experts.It is reported that early April, Yanling county will be held “Yan Emperor mausoleum tomb worship and Qingming Poetry” activities, will usher in a group of domestic poetry to attend.Meanwhile, “Yandi Cup” National Poetry essay contest, short video contest and Douyin contest will be held as an extension of the activity.At the meeting, we put our heads together and discussed and exchanged ideas around the theme of the activity, bumping out good suggestions and golden ideas.Determined the activity theme of “In the name of poetry, to pay tribute to Yan Emperor”, to show the “ancient, red, green and color” cultural elements of Yan Mausoleum as the main line, to qingming Poetry meeting, lectures by famous scholars, Yan Emperor culture discussion, “Hometown of Chinese Poetry reciting” award, Chinese poetry renowned Yan Emperor mausoleum ancestor worship and other activities content,Multi-direction, multi-perspective to show the magnificent beauty of Yanling, ecological beauty, folk beauty, carry forward the traditional culture, ceasing red blood, carry forward the spirit of Yan Emperor.Meeting requirements, to build consensus, pool wisdom and strength, the event to carry forward the Yan Emperor culture, inherit the Traditional Chinese culture, to promote the Yanling “ancient, red, green, color” characteristic culture of the grand event.County leaders Shen Hongxing, He Meiqi to participate.