What does point guard mean?What are the five positions on the basketball court?

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A basketball match is played by five players in each team. The positions of the players will be arranged according to their abilities, technical characteristics and types, and stature.Each position requires different players and their responsibilities are also different. The game requires players to perform their own roles and work together to win the game.On the basketball court, five players are divided into five positions: point guard, point guard, small forward, power forward and center.The point guard refers to the point guard and the quarterback refers to the shooting guard.Therefore, the requirements of the five positions are as follows: point guard, who is required to have good ball handling skills, vision and skills of passing, and be level-headed. Generally, he is responsible for the organization and connection of the team and is the brain on the court.The point guard requires players to score points, especially with rich offensive skills. It is better to have their own scoring ways. His responsibility is to score points and help the point guard to do some organizational work.Small forward, players are required to be taller than the guards, the strength is stronger, because the main activity in the flanking position, in the bottom corner three points or near the bottom line and 45 degree Angle shooting accuracy, his task is to score;The power forward has higher requirements for physique, strength and defensive skills. His task is to help the center control the inside and the rebound, and the defensive end should be able to assist the defense.The center, the team’s guardian of the paint, requires height and strength as well as good jumping, can sit in the paint both offensively and defensively, can finish offensively and protect the frame defensively.Of all the five positions, the point guard position is very important, because it is the leader of the team on the court, so his big picture, whether his vision is wide enough, whether his judgment of the ball is accurate, and how to read the defensive strategy are critical.A good point guard needs to be an initiator in addition to moving the ball across the court.At this time, the individual offensive threat, can give the ball to the open teammate in the case of a little loose, can seize the gap to break when the opponent has not formed a defensive closing, can timely pass the interception, all these are the test of the point guard.