Nissan new Xiao ke patent map exposure!It is expected to be domestic within this year, what can the replacement bring?

2022-07-04 0 By

Not long ago, Dongfeng Nissan submitted the patent map of the new Xiao Ke in the State Intellectual Property Office, which means that the new xiao Ke will be released overseas in February 2021, and will meet with everyone this year.The current cash Xiao ke is the second generation of models, the first generation of models was born in Europe in 2006, then entered China in 2008, directly produced and sold by Dongfeng Nissan, 2015 for the second generation of updates.The current model is the third generation of Nissan Xiaoke, which is expected to be made in China in 2022.At the moment, the Nissan XRV will have to face the Honda XRV and The Bin Zhi at similar prices, as well as Toyota’s new fernanda and Corolla Reefer.In addition, German camp still has the model such as all the way yue with good strength, explore the film, explore the song, Nissan xiao guest can say, the competitor strength that faces is not weak.It is worth mentioning that Dongfeng Nissan in the new generation of Qi Jun sales plummeted, the rest of the SUV models including Jin Ke, Tuda, Loulan itself sales is not high, xiao ke naturally become dongfeng Nissan’s only remaining hot models.So, nissan why choose at this time the brand – new xiao ke?I think there are three reasons.In the previous 150,000 yuan joint venture compact SUV, only Honda, Nissan and Volkswagen models can be called the number, and Toyota at last year’s Guangzhou Auto show to consumers brought two new models of the Fernanda and Corolla, suddenly the market was divided up again.According to the research of relevant websites, the domestic SUV sales volume in December 2021 was 1.056 million, while the domestic SUV sales volume in December 2020 was 1.13 million. Obviously, the domestic auto market has been a stock market and is no longer the era of rapid growth before.Dongfeng Nissan in last year’s time, because of some force majeure factors, let Qijun sales no longer test.So, dongfeng Nissan’s best-selling SUV on the rest of the xiao guest, although in the late Dongfeng Nissan choose to revive the old strange jun and renamed strange Jun Rong Yao, but lose consumer confidence do not know can be found?In this stock market, every car brand needs to consider how to seize the opportunity vacated by others, so as to win in the stock market.Obviously Toyota very coincidental choice announced the introduction of two new cars in China last year front landa and Corolla sharp put, from their official guidance price and overall product force data, are uncommon strength models, direct and cash xiao guest become competitors.Overseas Nissan also officially released a new generation of Xiaoke in February last year. Dongfeng Nissan took the opportunity to apply for the Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property Office at the end of the year, striving to be listed in China in 2022, so as not to lose the remaining hot selling position.Dongfeng Nissan in the past for a long time, has not been on the brand of SUV replacement, on the one hand, cash models are still popular, on the one hand, the opponent is not big action.However, in recent years, Toyota, Honda, and Volkswagen have all upgraded their SUV models on a large scale, and because they all have dual brands, the compact SUV segment has more competitors.And now Dongfeng Nissan in the face of such a dilemma, must make replacement to win over people, the whole brand SUV including Xiao Ke, Qi Jun, Tuda, Loulan, Pathfinder have a new model of the plan, and pathfinder belongs to nissan brand for the first time domestic medium and large SUV.New Strange jun as the replacement of the first work has been completed in China, the new pathfinder of China is also gradually advancing, obviously xiao guest also must follow closely behind.Nissan Xiaoke has been selling in China for 14 years. Since the first generation model was born in Europe in 2006, it entered the domestic market in 2008, and has been creating good sales results for Dongfeng Nissan in the following years.And in 2015, Dongfeng Nissan chose to carry out a new generation of it, the appearance is more dynamic, the interior is also completely used at the time of Nissan’s home design, followed by a large space with xiao guest performance and excellent appearance level, has maintained good sales until now.However, we can calculate an account from the time, 2015 upgrading to now also has a history of 7 years, it is the replacement interval of most brand models, Nissan Xiaoke is no exception.Although elder brother not long ago friends need to choose a 150 thousand yuan joint venture large space SUV, or will recommend Nissan Xiao Ke, but with the arrival of feng Landa and Corolla Sharp put, this advantage will soon be replaced by more reliable rivals.So nissan xiao guest also is to have to replace the moment.Write in the last words: Nissan cash xiao Ke whether from the price, product strength, are currently the most competitive models, the monthly sales of nearly 20,000 vehicles, but with the more and more powerful rivals, their own advantages are gradually decreasing.And the arrival of the new xiao ke, whether it is the appearance, interior has its own stronger performance, if the choice of power nissan more sensible, perhaps the new xiao ke can continue to maintain such excellent sales results.