Blood sugar goes up and down. Remember 12 words to keep it steady

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Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese people in a year.During the Spring Festival, eating more and exercising less, staying up late, playing cards and chatting will inevitably lead to the ups and downs of blood sugar of diabetic patients like riding a roller coaster, and sometimes even severe hypoglycemia.Bad blood sugar control, remember four things, be a sugar master.Food is a complex business, and everyone has different preferences and reactions to food.”Honey to one, arsenic to the other.” No one can come up with a recipe for all sugar lovers.Especially during the Chinese New Year, the dishes on the banquet are more abundant, eating is not a universal way, but generally there are some principles can be followed.Diabetic patients should try to eat regularly and quantitatively, estimate the energy they need every day according to their weight and activity level, and allocate these energy to three meals a day in proportion.Our bodies follow a natural circadian rhythm, and there is a circadian rhythm for glucose tolerance. Most of us have higher morning and evening energy intake, so a higher energy intake in the morning and a lower energy intake in the evening are better for our metabolic health.Consider allocating 50%, 30%, 20% of your daily energy.Regular meals and treatment are conducive to more stable blood glucose control and adjustment of treatment plan.In order of meals, it is recommended to have soup first, followed by vegetarian dishes, meat dishes, and the main course last.Eating in this way helps lower postprandial blood sugar.The cooking methods can be steamed, boiled, stewed, blanched, mixed, avoid frying, frying and braising.This will reduce oil intake.The choice of food should pay attention to diversification, balanced nutrition, meat and vegetable.The recommended daily carbohydrate allowance is 45% to 60%, and try to choose foods rich in dietary fiber (the more refined the food, the less dietary fiber).Under the condition of the same amount of food intake, choosing foods with low energy and low glycemic index is more conducive to blood glucose control.The combination of legs and movement helps to better control blood sugar.Sitting too long is harmful, and diabetics should develop the habit of regular exercise.The study found that just getting up from sitting for long periods of time can reap the benefits, and that every 30 minutes you sit down you should get up and move.Brisk walking was the best at lowering blood sugar.In addition, simple resistance exercise can provide similar benefits to slow walking.For elderly obese patients, resistance exercise combined with aerobic exercise has a better effect on improving insulin resistance.People with diabetes are advised to engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise per week, or at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise per week, with two to three groups of resistance exercise per week.Exercise intensity varies from person to person, step by step, to the heart rate, breathing is accelerated but not rapid, or exercise can speak can not sing the degree is appropriate.It is recommended to exercise 1 hour after meals, which can help control blood sugar and prevent unsafe events such as hypoglycemia.Self-monitoring and recording of blood glucose can help sugar lovers find abnormal blood glucose in time and provide useful information for the adjustment of treatment plan.There are many differences between Chinese New Year and normal life, such as more energy intake and irregular work and rest time, which will lead to blood glucose fluctuations. Therefore, it is suggested that diabetic patients pay attention to blood glucose monitoring.Blood glucose monitoring time points included random blood glucose before and 2 hours after meals, before bed, at midnight, and other time points (especially hypoglycemia symptoms).Patients with different conditions can flexibly choose the time and frequency of blood glucose monitoring according to their own conditions: patients with good blood glucose control can measure fasting and postprandial blood glucose 1 ~ 2 days a week;For patients with poor blood glucose control, it is best to conduct whole-day blood glucose monitoring 4 to 7 days a week, 4 to 7 times a day;Patients at high risk of hypoglycemia should pay attention to midnight blood glucose, pre-meal blood glucose and immediate blood glucose with hypoglycemic symptoms.The treatment of diabetes with the right drugs is a comprehensive treatment.On the basis of diet control and regular exercise, correct and regular application of hypoglycemic drugs can achieve better therapeutic effect.It is important to note that so far, diabetes is still an incurable disease, so also does not exist to effect a radical cure of diabetes treatment, so don’t be blind pursuit of the so-called “ancestral secret recipe” of advanced foreign technology “, “diabetic patients must check and treatment to normal hospital, in order to safely and effectively control blood sugar.If blood glucose fluctuates greatly during the holidays, you can go to the outpatient clinic to adjust the treatment plan, or consult professional doctors online to avoid self-adjustment of hypoglycemic drugs.Pay attention to the official number, subscribe to more authoritative health news