New Year walk grassroots | the most scarce “dedicated blessing” here

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Spring go grassroots | the most scarce devotion and fu “do you ever know that here, a group of people they are full of thoughts of the festival night gradually rising only for fireworks and geographic separation, silently miss relatives;Have you ever known, there is a group of people their young figure in the noisy city next to the cold post only for thousands of families to guard a peace and security;Have you ever known, there are a group of people they give up the opportunity to reunite with their families in the national reunion, still stick to the post, silently dedication, just to wait for the heart of the sacred loyalty…In the festival, fire and rescue personnel waiting loyalty, waiting for peace, waiting for the harvest, waiting for hope……This waiting is a love, this waiting is a dedication, this waiting is a poem without words, this waiting is a song.Holiday with his family together from much less, for forest fire corps putian city in fujian province of the garrison in terms of all the players is the norm, the secondary fire step and red mood is already 11 years in the team work, wife care for the elderly and children at home alone all the year round, “no words can express my owe to her, but I can’t forget their duties,Our protection is to make every family have a peaceful and happy Spring Festival.””Bu Hongxu said.Wang Sheng, a “post-90s generation”, joined the army in 2019. He has been engaged in forest fire fighting for more than three years from a preparatory firefighter to a fourth-grade firefighter and then to a deputy monitor. Every Spring Festival, he always silently adheres to his post and guards the green and peace of pear City.Even if there are thousands of words, I can’t tell you how much I care about my distant parents. “Mom and dad, although I can’t go home for the Spring Festival, I want to thank you for sending me to this team, so that I have the opportunity to feel this glorious and proud responsibility!””If you choose this job, you have to be responsible.”Chen Guoqiang said.Chen Guoqiang, 24, has been a firefighter for two years.His home is in the station, but he has to perform his duties as the deputy monitor because the monitor is on vacation during the Spring Festival. During the interview, his mother happened to contact him via wechat video.”If you can’t come back for the New Year, take care of yourself.”Chen guoqiang said that this is the second Spring Festival, he did not go back home. He felt very sorry that he could not go back home during the Spring Festival because of work. He could only think of making up for his parents in the future.Grade 4 firefighter Nie Junfeng has not been home for the Spring Festival for 3 years. He has been giving up the opportunity to go home for the Spring Festival, but resolutely chose to stick to his post and devote his strength to the peace and harmony of the Spring Festival.”I’m an old firefighter, and it’s nothing if I don’t go home for the Spring Festival,” he said. “There are so many members here who don’t go home for the Spring Festival, so it’s a kind of reunion to stick to their posts with my brothers.”In the team, he is not only the role model and example of all the members, but also the big brother of the whole team. In order to cope with the emergency rescue tasks that may be faced at any time during the Spring Festival, all the members, including Chen Guoqiang, always keep ready and dare not relax.They are willing to give up gathering with their families, in the day of family reunion, silently stick to the post, do a good job during the Spring Festival of the combat work, with their own “dedicated blessing” to protect everyone’s “harmonious blessing”, they deeply know reunion, is the most heavy word in their hearts.Home was the farthest way under their feet.Supervisor: Li Zhaojun Author: Zheng Xin