Chinese women’s football team is full of spirit!Although the whole game was suppressed but two equalisers eventually eliminated Japan on penalties

2022-07-03 0 By

The women’s soccer match with Japan is paid to watch but not live broadcast, but the men’s soccer match is live broadcast to make people on the first day of the New Year.The Chinese women’s soccer team fell behind twice and equalized twice!Although from the field, it is not as good as Japan’s women’s football team, nor does it dominate the historical record.China started a losing streak against Japan in 2017, but this time the girls were resilient, conceding a goal in the 25th minute before Wu Chengshu scored an equaliser.Extra time, Japan women’s soccer or Plant wood pear into a goal, Wang Shanshan in the end of extra time, 119 minutes equalized the score!Sent the game into overtime.What a difference between men’s and women’s football!Maybe Migu thinks that men’s football is not good, and no one will watch the fee, but women’s football is different, so it’s a fee?Shui Qingxia is indeed higher than the level of fake guidance.Wouldn’t it be nice to have a different manager?In fact, I think the Chinese women’s football team was beaten by the Japanese women’s football team in the 90 minutes, it was very good to draw!The equaliser in extra time was even more surprising.No matter what the penalty result is, it’s the best!This is really a happy New Year to the fans!Best wishes to the fans!Not like men’s soccer…Alas!Goalkeeper Zhu Yu saves Xiong Gu shaxi’s first penalty.It’s just a pity that Zhang Xin kicked wide!At the last moment is zhu Yu a side flutter!Denied a penalty kick from Japan’s Nan Menghua!Finally, Wang Shanshan scored a penalty kick!Japan was eliminated 6-5!!Finally ended the losing streak!Meet the Korean women’s soccer team in the final!In zhu Yu’s past 10 matches, the women’s team has won 2 times, lost 6 times and drawn 2 times!What a show of pride!Knock the World champion Japan out of the tournament!That’s great!I just want to say: only the women’s football team is the national football team, I do not know how many people agree with me this point of view?