6 Zodiac male love the most passive inner passion surface but pretend not to care

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Cancer, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Pisces and Aquarius men are the most passive in relationships and do not take the initiative to pursue someone they like.(map) many women judge whether the opposite sex to oneself good feeling way, is to see if the other active pursuit, but there are exceptions, “love” constellation constellation chart website analysis, cancer, Taurus, Gemini, Leo and Pisces man, Aquarius, even if in front of the person you like, also not necessarily initiative,It is difficult to discern his true thoughts from his behavior.Cancer Cancer men give a person a practical and stable feeling, is can meet but not the “reliable man”, they do not take the initiative, because introverted, do not know how to get along with girls.This also just shows that they are not experienced enough in feelings, do not know how to flirt younger sister, more embarrassed to pursue, courting.▍ 2. Actively looking for a little male, they respond to speed quickly, but seldom take the initiative to find you, they would be so passive, actually because of lack of energy, they spent most of the heart to make money, don’t have enough time to love the world, they think such as they earn enough money, social status, natural high quality object will come, so you don’t have to rush to take the initiative to pursue.Gemini Gemini men in the relationship to think a lot, not according to intuition, they are actually very glass heart, afraid of being rejected, if the initiative to pursue but failed, will let them very frustrated, so they tend to prefer passive waiting, someone to take the initiative to show good, they will take action.4. Leo Male think, oneself so good, should have a lot of admirers, their kindness is the point, they feel that feelings can not be forced, let alone “there are no fish in the sea”, take the initiative to pursue more disgrace?I mean, the girlfriend was so badass, I think it’s a disgrace.▍ 5. Pisces friend swarms of Pisces male, easy to get into emotional difficulties, perhaps because everyone when friends, and who are rink hijinks tao lung, heterosexual friends are in a state of ambiguous, is don’t know if I want to make friends or want to be in love, when they believe that two people should be a good friend relationship, in order to avert suspicion nor too active.6. Aquarius Aquarius man good at disguise, on the surface of the clouds and indifferent, sanctifiously, in fact, in the face of the girl like, the heart can be said to be turbulent, but rational but tell themselves: to calm, to have a strategy.So they pretend to be careless, but in fact they are waiting for the “fish” to take the bait.