The signs of war are getting clearer!As The US and Britain leave, how will Ukraine cope?

2022-07-02 0 By

Most of the disputes launched around the world have the shadow of the United States. For example, in the recent situation between Russia and Ukraine, it is the United States that manipulates Ukraine in the dark, which makes Ukraine so bold to shout against Russia. And the international situation is always changing, and there is new news recently.Britain is recalling staff and their families from its embassy in Ukraine, saying in a statement that it was leaving the country because of “security threats” from Russia, but that business at the embassy could continue.Observers point out that Britain’s move is clearly following the lead of the United States. This time, the evacuation of personnel and relatives from the Embassy in Ukraine is a sign that war is imminent.As the situation is escalating, the U.S. government has issued a series of notices calling on Americans to leave Ukraine urgently, saying that travel to Russia and Ukraine is not recommended because of the risk of war between the two countries. Is this a very clear sign of war?While in America the move is also attracted the attention of the other countries, and the British have been handling the evacuees, the United States has already started to handle, the UK follows close behind, whether is it possible to war, but the only thing that is the United States and Britain is fanning caused uproar about it, let the people think that the situation between the two countries are upgrading.Russia just want peace talks while Russia is to deploy a large number of military weapons at the border, and can in a short period of time in Ukraine, but Russia never offered must solve by force, recently, the United States in support of Ukraine for conveying the nearly one million tons of the deadly weapons, Britain has provided thousands of missiles to Ukraine,Also on the special training, supplying weapons to follow the other countries are also, at that time made the small country of Ukraine, military power boost, events in the conflict, the United States really made a lot of determination, and his “little brother” to curry favor with the United States, followed, completely regardless of the situation of the world.No matter whether this can really beat up, first of all, the interests of the United States has reached, weapons delivery not to white, both American and British evacuation and the threat of Japan, Russia has repeatedly stressed and don’t want to solve by force, Ukraine has repeatedly stamp on Russia’s red line, it’s all in the United States as an excuse for war.And America’s real intention is not to really help suppress Russia, Ukraine and just want to sell weapons or transport or send to Ukraine, the real war, the United States also don’t want to interfere with, also only choose to look on coldly, if not the United States and other countries in the back support, in the face of such a disparity weapons force, Ukraine will be how to face again?Some sources: Defense Times