New car | New Audi A4 Avant image exposed, C class, 3 series after seeing what do you think?

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Article: understand the car emperor original Cao Hao [understand the car emperor original products] the forthcoming new Audi A4 will be the brand’s last equipped with a traditional engine of the medium-sized car, and a few days ago overseas media according to the vehicle road test with camouflage espionage according to the plot of the internal code B10 of the new Audi A4 Avant imaginary map.Compared to cash, the new A4 Avant will have simpler lines, and the pursuit of the technological sense of the lamp continues, as well as continuous improvements in functionality and configuration.Audi A6 E-tron made its debut in China at the Shanghai Auto Show last year. There will be some differences between the details and the imaginary picture, but other aspects are similar to the imaginary picture. It is reported that the design of the new Audi A4 is inspired by last year’s A6 e-tron.The relatively tedious lines on the current B9 generation of models are processed more smoothly, and the engine hatches have undergone great changes compared with cash models.The front grille is wider and more aerodynamic, with vertical air intakes on both sides, but no fog lights.The headlights will still be sharp, and the internal light source will be more technological, giving the car a more spiritual look.There are no more design details on the rear of the car, but it is expected that the taillight will definitely be redesigned and the side lines of the body will be smoother. There will be some differences with the cash A4 Avant. The rear part of the back of the car has a similar effect with the Mercedes C-class.The new A4 Avant has shoulder lines that extend from the front to the back.The rear part of the car has not been drawn by foreign media, but spy photos show that it will be equipped with a new style of LED taillights, a large rear wing and a smaller Angle of the rear window than the current model.The interior design of the new car will be inspired by the audi E-tron GT current A4 Avant interior. Although the interior condition of the new A4 Avant is not seen through spy photos, according to overseas media reports, the interior of the new car will be inspired by the e-tron GT interior design.The number of physical buttons will also be reduced.In addition, the interior will feature 12.3-inch full LCD meters, MIB 3 generation 3 modular infotainment system, Car-to-X services, and Amazon Alexa voice assistant.The car will also be equipped with semi-autonomous driver assistance and audi’s dynamic drive selection system, which allows suspension adjustments to be made on demand.New car will launch a variety of gasoline and diesel version, but still expects 2.0 -liter TFSI preferred motivation for the user, new A4 will provide a series of gasoline and diesel engines for consumers to choose from, including a 2.0 -liter TFSI four-cylinder turbo engine big probability will become the choice of the vast majority of users, and will be equipped with 48 v light mixed system,Matches a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox and offers Quattro four-wheel drive.The RS4 will also be equipped with a plug-in hybrid, a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine and an electric motor with a combined output of 362 horsepower.A plug-in hybrid system will also appear in the new RS4, which is expected to be matched by a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with combined output well above the 444 horsepower of the current RS4.Meanwhile, the A4 E-tron, a pure electric model based on the PPE architecture, is also expected to be released, but there is not much information about it.