The baby grew up after 20 years

2022-07-01 0 By

Twenty years ago today, the most lively folk activity of Bazi in western Sichuan was held in Fanghu Park in Guanghan City. It was pulled as “Baobao” by a six-year-old girl.At the age of 6, La Bao Bao succeeded, so our two families became relatives;In the whole 20 years of communication, not only witnessed the growth of the baby, but also harvested affection and friendship.Now, the girl graduated from college and is working in Chengdu. After getting married, her child is more than two years old.When the six-year-old girl grew up, she took a photo with her child and “Bao Bao”, the scene changed, came to Guanghan again, Bao Bao and bao Bao left unforgettable images!Bao Bao and baby photo Editor: Maple Leaf