Lianyuan Chuanmen Village has a detachment of Women fighting the epidemic

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Correspondent Yang Weixing hunan Daily all media reporter Zhang Chunxiang the whole nation to fight the epidemic, women not let men.In Chuanmen Village, Huquan Town, Lianyuan City, there is a 35-member “Detachment of Women volunteer service team”. Wearing red waistcoats and riding motorcycles, they go door to door to carry out “knock on the door”, do a good job of household publicity and build a tight network for epidemic prevention and control.Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic has appeared an “inverted cold”, and the whole country is united in the fight against the epidemic.In the battle against COVID-19, Nie Lihua, secretary of the Party Branch and director of Chuanmen Village, led the “Detachment of Women” to fight on the front line of fighting against COVID-19 every day, bringing into play the light and heat of women in the new era for epidemic prevention and control, and becoming a beautiful scenery in Chuanmen Village.In order to ensure the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work, Nie led the volunteers of the Detachment of Women to go to villages every day, preach epidemic prevention and control policies and distribute epidemic prevention and control publicity materials. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, more than 1,500 leaflets and letters of initiative have been distributed.Through various forms of propaganda, to remind the villagers consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations and policies, not letter dear, don’t tale, consciously strengthen awareness, make self health monitoring, wear a mask, gathered, ventilation, regular disinfection, not maintain social distance, active vaccination, to enter public places active sweep “hunan place code”, not unnecessary Lou,To loudi city outside (return) Lou personnel to the village to take the initiative to report, implement the epidemic, epidemic prevention and control measures.Every day, Nie lihua led us to carefully check the key personnel, stick to the point of temperature measurement, scanning and other work. They not only took the lead themselves, but also mobilized their families to actively cooperate as volunteers to fight the epidemic.Villagers Nie Aicheng and Hu Benxiu both have third-degree physical disabilities and cannot move easily. Hu benxiu has just been discharged from Loudi Central Hospital.For their convenience, but also from the safety side, Nie Lihua specially invited doctors to douli Mountain Hospital, the two of them to do nucleic acid tests.During the epidemic period, the “detachment of Women” actively went to the village to work, persuading them to postpone or simplify the wedding.Nie Renzhong, a villager, chose to marry his daughter-in-law at the end of March and set up a pig in his farm.Nie Lihua came to the door to work, persuaded him to postpone the marriage, and led the “Detachment of Women” to mobilize the two committees of the village branch, the leaders in the village and the majority of villagers to help, soon sold all the 7,000 yuan of local pork nie Renzhong had set, solved the worries, Nie Renzhong decided to postpone the marriage.In the COVID-19 prevention and control work, Nie Lihua led the Detachment of Women to fight with selflessly every day without a day’s rest, screening migrants returning to their hometowns, helping the villagers in grid and checkpoint to sweep the codes of their places. She was very busy, doing housework and taking care of the elderly…The selfless efforts of Nie Lihua and the Detachment of Women have won the support of the villagers and the full recognition and high evaluation of the superior departments.[Editor: Yu Rong][Source: Hunan Daily]