Heilongjiang province speeds up straw residue cleaning operations

2022-07-01 0 By

The province is about to enter for spring production and stalk burning critical period, recently, the heilongjiang province comprehensive utilization of straw work joint conference office issued by the “about to speed up the straw returned from the field operation and the cleaning work of the emergency notification” (black straw seec letter [2022] no. 4, hereinafter referred to as the “notice”) and “the province spring straw returned from the field operation technology guidance”.”Notice” requirements, we will strictly in accordance with the requirements of the provincial government on stalk burning deployment, comprehensive utilization of straw earthly body real responsibility, strengthen the consciousness of “comprehensive prohibition” and eliminate the fluky psychology, take reasonable technical measures, using charts, XiaoHao management way, to speed up the straw returned from the field and straw residue cleanup job schedule,To create conditions for high standard spring sowing production, to ensure that farmers do not violate the agricultural season, so that the planting of good land.Heilongjiang province will implement the measures of returning fields, including technical measures, operation machinery and responsible persons to the plots planned for returning fields in spring, and implement grid management and protection.In particular, plots for no-till planting will be provided to households.We will do a good job in the publicity and guidance of farmers, adjust different operation methods such as returning crushed and mixed to the field, no-tillage sowing according to local conditions, and eliminate farmers’ fear of failing to plant on the land and the lucky psychology of trying to save trouble.At the same time, the field cleaning will be accelerated, for the task of leaving the field has not been completed, will increase the work to promote, pay close attention to the organization of machinery and labor, which is suitable for the use of which way, pay close attention to packing off the field or collection of piles of clean transport.For the residue of corn straw and high stubble of rice after leaving the field, which affected sowing and soaking the field, stubble crushing, rotary tillage and organizing farmers to pick up and pile up were adopted for field cleaning.Heilongjiang province will make good use of straw taken from the field, choose ways of conversion and utilization according to local conditions, and accelerate comprehensive utilization of straw through various ways such as feed, fuel, raw materials and base materials.Guide biomass power plants, straw feed enterprises, raw material enterprises and straw pressing stations to do a good job in straw purchasing and storage connection, ensure perennial production, and do a good job in fire safety management.The Provincial Technical Guidance on Straw Returning from Field in Spring was issued simultaneously with the Notice to clarify the technical requirements and matters needing attention for straw returning from field, residue treatment and straw management.Source: Bingcheng + client