8 in a row!Nash got what he deserved, Irving passed the buck, Durant didn’t care about the game

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No surprise!The Nets’ 124-104 loss to the Nuggets sealed their eighth straight loss since harden’s absence was announced, and the Nets could still be in the game if harden is still around.With the loss, the Nets fell further into seventh place in the Eastern Conference.Nash is now reaping the consequences, O is not analyzing his own problems and taking responsibility for the loss, and Durant is not concerned about the team’s current situation and is engaged in a war of words on the Internet.There was a lot to watch for the Nets, who played a good first half with a high-powered offense led by Kyrie Irving, scoring 75 points in the first half, giving up 76 to the Nuggets for what looked like a high score.But in the second half, the Nuggets turned up their defensive intensity, and the Nets struggled to score, scoring only 29 points in the first half, not as many as they scored in a quarter.Begin the third quarter, in the face of defensive intensity increased the nuggets, the nets have failed to score for a long time, Owen also feel on the pitch down, team insider weakness before about the base, is infinite amplification, insider attack many times continuously, all around the base, led the team hit the climax of a wave of 0-9, will be open to two digits.In the fourth quarter, Irving hit multiple shots to close points, and without Harden and Durant in the nets, his shooting loss made it harder for others to score, allowing the Nuggets to pull away and send the Nets to their eighth straight loss.The nets’ eight-game losing streak is the longest in the NBA, and Nash has been punished for it.In the first half of the season, Nash overused Durant and Harden, playing more than 40 minutes in many games.In fact, last season, Nash has had such a precedent, the Nets three giants play too much time, fatigue is easily injured.But instead of time management, he went for results and ended up injuring key players again.After the game, but also exposed the nets inside shortcomings, jokic, Gordon and other people in the inside wanton scoring, the nets are helpless.Rebounding by nearly 20, the Nuggets scored 64 points in the paint and the Nets had just 32.Irving finished with 27 points, five rebounds, 11 assists, one steal and three blocks, making 10 of 26 field goals, three of nine 3-pointers and four of five free throws.The game was the Nets’ fifth on the road, and it was a test of Irving’s ability to lead the team, and he clearly didn’t live up to it.For the loss of the game, Owen did not seem to care, he never seemed to analyze their own problems, but to blame the blame.He believes that the team is missing too many people, that he can’t win by himself, that lack of players is the key to losing, and that the team needs unity.His words were ridiculed by netizens, Owen claimed that he was a top player, but did not have the ability to lead the team, lost the game but began to shirk responsibility.The nets’ current situation has a lot to do with Irving, who refused to get vaccinated and was out of the game for a long period of time early in the season. The burden of the team falls on Durant and Harden. If he could play, maybe he could do a lot for Durant and Harden and maybe they wouldn’t get hurt.At a time when they needed the support of their teammates, Irving was there to assert himself, a professional, but not a professional.”Owen does not deserve to talk about unity and team strength.Compared to the rest of the Nets’ depressed mood, Durant doesn’t care, he is keen on the Internet war, and the mouth of the a-Smith round of the “Internet war of the century”.It started when Smith said on the show that if the Nets didn’t win, Durant would be remembered as the one who left Curry.Durant immediately hit back, calling Smith’s comments “outrageous.”Durant’s mother also hit back, saying Smith is again leading the conversation, calling Smith malicious and negative.Not only that, Durant started his own comeback mode, first replying directly to Smith, and then competing with fans on the Internet.He replied to Smith: “Since you have chosen ESPN as your personal channel, I’m sure you have a lot of people to help you build a buzz.If you think that’s what defines my career, then you’re a complete troll and you’re not going to embarrass god.”As for Durant calling himself a god, netizens claimed that this might be the reason why so many fans criticized durant.Durant replied directly: “It’s not my fault!””They used to call you ‘cupcake,'” one fan wrote in response to Durant. “For those who really hack you, they don’t hack your talent.But your legend has been called into question because of your character, and we will always support you.”Durant responded: “Us?Who are we with you?Whose side are you on?”The Nets are in trouble now, their record is down, Kyrie Irving still refuses to get a shot and has to play on the road, James Harden is caught up in trade rumors, and Du xiaoshuai thinks his injury doesn’t have a topic, this is not the beginning of the show.Faced with such a situation of the Nets, novice coach Nash can calm down?Can Chua still trust Nash to lead the team?For today’s nets, we have any views, welcome to leave a message to discuss.