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All the new students have registered!Looking forward to, looking forward to, 2022 Spring new semester has finally come.Spring is the key point to make plans and plan the goals of the year. With the early morning sun shining into the campus, we are already on our way to welcome the new students. We are full of expectations for each new student.In order to welcome the 2022 freshmen, the school centralized registration day is coming!February 7 Diary must come to school on time, oh, realize their dream of car, together full of vitality to welcome the new semester, brave the waves of the wind!Registration time: February 7th (please do not delay!If you cannot register on time due to special circumstances, please contact the admissions office in advance to apply for leave.Documents: 1. Id card and photocopy 2. One-inch two-inch photos 3.Certificate of registration and payment;Articles: 1. clothes (remember to bring warm clothes) 2. skin care products, toiletries, daily necessities 3.Epidemic prevention items (masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, etc.)02 Safety Tips When taking public transport, disposable medical masks must be worn at all times and passengers should be scattered. Avoid close contact with strangers as far as possible.Do personal hygiene protection on the way, pay attention to maintain good personal hygiene and public health habits.For the safety of students, rice cookers, induction cookers, hair dryers, spring knives, daggers and other high-power electrical appliances and control knives are not allowed to appear in the bedroom, do not challenge this provision.A person goes out outside, the students must polish eyes, beware of being cheated!☀ pretend to be a teacher, cheat money.☀ pretend to be your roommate and steal money and stuff.For strangers, try to identify them and take valuables with you or lock them up when you leave the dormitory.☀ Hire part-time, cheat deposit.Want to use after-school to do part-time job is ok, the school has work-study post, can understand relevant circumstance to class teacher.Off-campus part-time job, be sure to check each other’s qualifications.During the orientation period, the school bus will pick up the bus station free of charge. Please contact the admission office in advance to make an appointment.Reporting Address:1517 lili of the pudong new area in Shanghai (Shanghai wantong automobile school) in the hot spring between the directional class enrollment when you walk into the campus that moment, our teacher curriculum planning would recommend suitable for your professional and help you plan for the future, then sign the admission process and the entrance formalities, and then wait for the teacher in charge to take over, take you familiar with the campus, to teach you to sort out the interior,For you to open the first professional lesson, you will start a new life here.I am looking forward to seeing you in Shanghai Automobile School