Meditate and discover the other side of the world

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People have two life perception systems. One is the dominant perception system (Yang).One is the inward-looking system called the “recessive sensory system.”Both with a different name, with the xuan “.Modern brain science believes that the brain is divided into two parts, the left brain and the right brain, connected and communicated by the corpus callosum, work independently and cooperate with each other, forming a complete unity.Dr. Sperry, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine, verified the theory of division of labor between the left and right brain through experiments. According to their respective functions, the left brain is called “conscious brain”, “academic brain” and “language brain”, which records the knowledge learned after birth and is collectively called “Bengsheng brain”.The right side of the brain is called the “instinctive brain”, “creative brain” and “artistic brain”, which stores all the genetic information of human evolution from ancient times to today, and is collectively called the “ancestral brain”.To summarize, the Bunsen brain is responsible for the dominant sensory system, while the ancestral brain is responsible for the recessive sensory system.Most most people are accustomed to using “Bunsen brain” perceive the world, the excitation “beta waves” and “alpha waves” state, “Bunsen brain” high speed for a long time, greatly develop the person’s logical thinking ability, however, information storage capacity is one million times the left brain right brain, but sit idle, we can sense things but not to feel,Is it a great pity that we should have given up seeing the scenery that we could have seen?!Let’s put it this way: human overt perception sees the world as if it were a frog looking at the sky.The dominant perception system sees the world as a “dynamic” world, just as when we stand at the edge of a rippling river and look at the bottom of the river, we see stones that have been “refracted” by the waves, colors and shapes that are not real.Human “recessive perception system” to see the world, which contains all the ancient clouds steaming Xiwei, charming scenery, is not processed “original ecological landscape”, is pure return to the original real mountains and rivers.Meditation, provide an effective tool to us, it helps the brain consists of “bei he wave”, “alpha” gradually transition to the “west tower wave” until “delta”, by the use of “dominant perception system of” shift to the “implicit perception system”, let us surprise life so wonderful, let us see not see the other side of the world.What an amazing experience!Use modern science and technology theory, carry forward fine traditional culture.Pay attention to the dragon world, bring you a different perspective.