During the Spring Festival, what did you learn from the blind date?

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During the Spring Festival, single men and women will be forced to go on blind dates by all means.Therefore, it is often reported on the Internet that a girl meets more than a dozen or even 20 boys in a day. Some boys just meet and have no chance to show themselves, so they are rejected immediately.Through so many blind dates, back and forth, and a lot of people have handed in the hand, so in the process of blind dates, have understood what truth?What insight did you get?Let me summarize.First of all, the first one is the sentiment that everyone agrees with, that is, you don’t like what your parents introduce to you, 90% of the time.Why is that?Because we meet on blind dates, especially girls, the biggest problem is that there are too many plays in their hearts. They want to find the so-called feeling. How can they find the so-called feeling through meeting and blind dates?As a result, the whole person is distorted, either feel that the other person is abnormal, or feel that their own abnormal.Why is it that we don’t like what our parents usually introduce us?Because what the parents think is right is not always right.Many parents have no idea about the level of appearance, and they think that as long as there are no arms or legs missing, no matter the boy or girl, looks good.The boy’s home has a house and a car, the age almost feel very good, if can meet with a house that is better.However, in the end, what our parents can see is not a big problem, but what we don’t like, what we think is good and what our parents think is bad, many of them end up not very happy.Why is that?This is experience. This is life experience.My parents have seen more people than we have.What kind of person, what kind of character, they know better than we do.The second point, the more mature the person, the more can accept this kind of blind date.Maybe a lot of people will refute this view, they will think that although I say that the age is very old, but I still do not want to accept the blind date this way, I have to find their own, find a feeling.That means you’re just old. You’re not mature.Why are more mature people more receptive to blind dates?Mature people are more realistic and will not waste too much of their time, while dating is often a way to put all the conditions on the table to discuss at the beginning of the relationship, but become more real, more reliable, and more time saving.What are the signs of immaturity?First fall in love, love to death, even pledge of eternal love, a lifetime to share the joys and sorrows.When it came time to talk about getting married, they quarreled so much because of the bride price of tens of thousands of yuan, a house and a car that they were never able to communicate with each other.You think it’s a blind date, where you put everything on the table at the beginning and then you start?Or do you go straight to trial and error and negotiate at the end?If too much pursuit of material, marriage is originally a transaction, then why not first SIMS after the gentleman?The third sentiment, will come to the blind date, is not necessarily unable to find the object, it is not necessarily character defects, not good, or poor conditions, may just be relatively simple, or interpersonal circle is relatively narrow, contact with the opposite sex is less.I believe that no one will refute this point, anyone who has been close should know!Especially some girls or boys in the countryside, they are willing to solve the single problem by dating this way, many are worth dating, they will not turn you into a spare tire, will not become the sea king, but there are many is because their circle is too single, too narrow.There are not many opportunities to reach out to more boys and girls.So have to take the road of dating, such people are likely to be more conservative, self-respect, practical.The fourth feeling, a lot of people can not find the object, is to own positioning ah deviation!Some people are too self-conscious, some people are too confident about their looks.Some people are too confident about their own conditions, or too self-abased, without a clear understanding, no good positioning, resulting in their own unable to find the object.The 5th comprehension, introduce the handsome boy belle in population commonly, listen to went, true degree waits for research.All you need to do is extract valid information, such as age, height, income, family conditions.What else have you learned about dating?Let’s discuss it in the comments section.Note: The article is forwarded by video, please forgive the typo!Reproduced without permission, plagiarism, draft washing, legal rights protection!(Pictures are from the network, if there is infringement contact delete)