Warm heart scene!In the xinjian district of Nanchang!

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Nanchang encounter cold rain and snow weather in the new area the day before yesterday morning shigang town zhu fang village view mountain villages more than a 2 year old boy play in parents cook alone run outside the gap disappeared emergency law enforcement officers rushed to the scene on search and rescue in a paddy field eventually found the soaking wet, cold shivering boy 2 years old boy cold snow days lost “zhu fang village view mountain villagesA two-year-old boy has been missing for more than three hours. His family is very worried.”At 3:30 in the afternoon of February 7, the new district Shigang town government received a coordinated search and rescue call from the Shigang police station, said zhu Fang village lost a boy, police station looking for no results, requested the shigang town government emergency reinforcements.Given the extremely cold temperatures outside and the complex environment surrounding Guanshan Village and the young age of the children,Risk big immediately decided to led by mayor county-rural cadres and all the players had a total of more than 30 people rushed to the scene to command the rescue work according to families of children 2 years old this year around the home at half past two months on the noon of the 11 adults busy cooking could enjoy the children the children ran out to play things haven’t home after an emergency, shigang the policemen immediately skynet monitoring to be obtained,But the search proved fruitless.Later, the police station sent four police officers to look for the village, but still no trace of the child.It was freezing, snow was falling in the sky, and every minute the child stayed outside was more dangerous, so the police station requested reinforcements from the Shigang town government.The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was used to search the area at low altitude.The second road is centered on mountain village, looking for the surrounding natural villages;The third way is in the mountains near Zhufang Village.At last he searched the fields, reeds and ditches nearby.Finally, around 4:40 p.m., one of the law enforcement team members found the missing boy in the paddy field more than 500 meters from the boy’s home.By this time, the child’s clothes were drenched and shivering with cold.Members of the law enforcement team immediately picked up the child, wrapped him in a warm coat, and then carried him safely to his parents.Law enforcement officers involved in the rescue told reporters that there were many reeds in the area, so it was very lucky to find the boy in time.”It’s so cold outside, and the baby is soaked all over. I can’t imagine the consequences if I don’t find it in time. Thank you so much!”The boy’s mother gave an emotional thank-you to those involved in the search.