The trade war between China and the United States is actually a debt war

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A trade war between China and the United States is not just about trade. It must be a debt war.First, in order to shift its debt risk to China, the United States started a war called unjust war, unjust war.Imposed on us by its own domestic trade rules, so it is not a teacher of justice, injustice will not win, there is no doubt about that.Second, a trade war with China must be a protracted war, although it is not, after all, America’s economy is very high, the world is big, has a strong military, and science and technology strength, the short time range, you must win points out, it must be a long and lasting war, some people say that go through 20 years of war, our country also did 30 years of planning,There must be this layout.Third, the trade war between China and the United States will come down to who has strong stamina, who has resilience, who can bear the pain and who can stand up in the end.Culture of China and the United States is different, we Chinese have plenty in particular, the Chinese were especially pay attention to “tao”, called the fight against longer odds, and with aggressive don’t look at the United States, the United States just teeth, but we is the tongue, one old teeth must not, tongue must be in, name is just easy to fold, soft forever, so China is very clear, you hit you, I do, is to consume power,We’ll do our job and ignore him.In the trade war between China and the US, the US raised tariffs on China from 60 billion yuan to 200 billion yuan to more than 260 billion yuan. The US shot itself in the foot.Why is that?Some of the products that China exports to the United States are mostly low-value-added and essential products, most of which are made in China.No other country in the world can replace China’s manufacturing capabilities.First, he can’t, China’s entrepreneurs, I say is the world’s most wisdom of entrepreneurs, Chinese people, Chinese people are the most ordinary people can bear hardships and stand hard work, the culture of the Chinese people, endurance, xinlingshouqiao cannot be replaced by other countries, so in any country, any nation, there is no way to alternative manufacturing in China in the short term.You make a trade war in the United States, you do not make a trade war, you add tariff, without tariffs, many products must be imported in China, there is no choice, except China can supply other places can’t supply now, some product supply of China now accounts for 90%, so the last trump at the time of the meeting, more than 90% of entrepreneurs are firmly opposed to.This trade war will shoot itself in the foot. It will increase taxes on cheap products purchased from China, and ultimately the American people will suffer. The taxes will be passed on to the American people and to the end products in the United States, which will inevitably lead to inflation in the United States in the future because of higher prices.Second, American products must be slowly weakening their competitiveness because of the rising price of materials, which is inevitable, so the tax increases are not Chinese taxes, but American taxes, no doubt about that.I don’t know when the bubble will burst, but it won’t be long. Moreover, the bursting of this bubble, not a small one, I estimate that it may cause the collapse of two thirds or even one half of the American stock market.This collapse is unbearable for a highly developed capitalist country like the United States.Unlike China, we went from 6000 points down to 2000 points, as if the economy felt fine, any economist said, our stock has collapsed, it has fallen below 50 points, how can it be fine?At present, China’s capital market is not very developed. At the same time, The Chinese culture and the patience of the Chinese people can bear it. We can live in both eight-star hotels and guest houses.We can have the best seafood, but we can also have pickles.The Chinese people are used to suffering and are not afraid of fighting, but the United States is different. If the Stock price of the United States drops by one third, or even by one half, it is the state before World War II and will definitely cause a serious debt crisis in the United States.In addition, the United States now has more than 21 trillion yuan of government borrowing debt, and the figure is still rising substantially, with an increase of 1 trillion yuan every year. The United States is bound to have financial problems. The United States government collects taxes, even the interest payments are not enough, it has to keep on debt, this is pond’s.Now on the monetary system toward greater diversification, the euro, the yen and the yuan, all the way through the area in the past, the RMB internationalization gradually, now there are already a to that market, but if you don’t have $dollar sales, the United States will be discredited, sell the bond issue, it won’t go out, it would be a crisis, but did not reportIn the United States the outbreak of the crisis point I think it goes with its election, and its political crisis has certain correlation, may trump the irrational trade war, not wise, not moral, become the bubble finally burst it’s the last straw, likely crisis trump drove down, may trump down crisis immediately, you see.Of course, through the debt war, through the trade war, and finally with the United States to build a peaceful society.Peace does not mean surrender or endure; peace is won, so war and peace are certainly justified.