Attractions free open pingyao ancient city more than 20 custom activities to celebrate the Spring Festival

2022-06-28 0 By

The event will be held from January 31, 2022 (Lunar New Year’s Eve) to February 16, 2022 (the 16th day of the first lunar month) at the 2,800-year-old Ancient City of Pingyao.During this period, pingyao ancient City scenic spots are free of charge for tourists from all over the country.It is understood that this year’s “Pingyao Chinese Year” activity takes the form of “online and offline” combination, planning and launching more than 20 activities with unique Han nationality characteristics of Northern China and pingyao local characteristics. Compared with the past, the activity content is more extensive, the Flavor of the New Year is more rich, the culture is more prominent, and the experience is richer.Let the county people and tourists have a Chinese style, Shanxi temperament, Jinzhong style, Pingyao characteristics of the Chinese New Year.The activities bring together rich and diversified traditional culture. Tourists can enjoy the “County Lord Welcome guests”, “Boudoir Runway show” and other characteristic activities in the ancient city, folk inn, and characteristic shops, and experience cultural activities such as “Intangible Heritage paper-cutting, Xianzi Book”, “Eight songs Meeting”, “Hanfu Culture Display”, “characteristic noodle show” and other cultural activities.Participate in the “traditional lantern riddle guessing”, “write a bill of exchange to send yuanbao”, “bow shooting, push dart car”, “eat congee, department of blessing bag” and other popular activities in various scenic spots, fully experience the Chinese northern Han folk custom, custom, culture, enjoy the charm of the traditional Spring Festival.The 2022 “Our Festival · Spring Festival — Pingyao Year of China” event is sponsored by Shanxi Civilization Office, CPC Jinzhong Municipal Committee and Jinzhong Municipal People’s Government, and undertaken by CPC Jinzhong Municipal Propaganda Department, CPC Pingyao County Committee and Pingyao County People’s Government.Source: Shanxi Daily