500 mosquito lock room free 199 mosquito rice cooker

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In the Spring Festival of 2022, due to the epidemic situation, stay at home and look forward to, Luo Ding can win the epidemic as soon as possible wash your hands, go out with masks, do a good job of protection can be booked for sale, wrong peak viewing house is now available 19 new building 5480 yuan /㎡ to buy fine makeup room online 500 yuan to buy, free 199 yuan rice cooker room discount, can be reserved after the Spring Festival community bird’s eye view business Kit:The residential area has three street shops (at present, meiyijia, Tianzi tea, wine, furniture, milk tea snacks and other businesses have entered), nearly 600,000 square meters of commercial square, administrative tax units stationed, Shuangdong agricultural products trading center, environmental protection industrial park industrial cluster, has a huge consumption potential;School supporting facilities: there are Tianbao kindergarten, long state primary school all the way, nearby many kindergartens, five small, Long and Mingde experimental school.Medical support: outpatient clinic, Traditional Chinese medicine hospital and the fifth hospital near the community to ensure medical treatment for the elderly and the weak;Fitness facilities: There are 800 meters plastic track for leisure and fitness in the community, 4 big children’s parks, fountain square, lake view + swimming pool of about 3000 square meters, downstairs is a good place for fitness experts;Transportation: according to Longhua East Road, about 5 minutes to the shuangdong expressway entrance, the important gateway to the Pearl River Delta city, the third phase of the new product plus push preferential housing display sliding around to view more luoding chuangxiang home, recommended viewing channel small program warm tips please do a good job of personal protection I wish you a happy viewing!1. Please wear a mask correctly during the visit and keep it on at all times.2. Please show yuekang code, take temperature check and register information.3. The sales department has prepared alcohol disinfectant.Disclaimer: 1. There is no necessary connection between the text and the picture for the editor’s reference only.2. The copyright of all articles, pictures, audio and video files reproduced in this article belongs to the copyright owner. Due to the non-original articles, pictures and other content, we cannot contact the copyright owner one by one, nor can we verify the true source.3. If you have unintentionally infringed the intellectual property rights of media or individuals, please call 0766-3811813 and we will delete it immediately.4. Within the scope permitted by law, the developer has the right of final interpretation of this activity.Baosheng Real Estate luoding city