Huizhou district: community yuanxiao thick neighborhood love

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Happy reunion.In various communities in Huizhou district, volunteers and residents gathered to make lanterns, guess lantern riddles, send tangyuan to the elderly and comfort the community, which not only created a festive atmosphere, but also enhanced the friendship between neighbors.”This year is the Year of the tiger, so I made a lantern with a tiger pattern to wish myself a tiger with more wings in the New Year.”Huizhou Wenfeng community children Ling Yifan said.Volunteers explained the origin and customs of the Lantern Festival to the children and demonstrated how to make lanterns. Then, the children made lanterns carefully with the help of their parents.In less than half an hour, a colorful lantern was made, the children looked at their own lantern made very proud and happy.In the small square of Zhongshan community in Huizhou district, the scene of guessing riddles is crowded and lively.”Today is my first time to participate in this kind of lantern riddle activity. I feel very interesting and engaged.””We learned a lot of relevant legal knowledge during the guessing process, which also helped our study.”Community residents have said that one piece of puzzle set knowledge, entertainment, fun, mass in one, covering humanity, history and culture, core values, laws and regulations, anti-cult and other fields.Some riddle lovers meditate, some calm, some discuss with each other, and share the satisfaction and happiness brought by riddle.Community cadres and volunteers in Zhongshan also carried out the activity of “Yuanxiao Warm around the elderly”, and sent sweet dumplings and blessings to the elderly over 70 years old in the community, so that they felt the care and warmth of the social family.(Zheng Chen
Xie Guohong) source: Zhonganzai line