Do strong broiler integration industry to embark on the road of common prosperity

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Zigong center in recent years, further implement the central, provincial party committee and the municipal party committee on consolidating stretch out of poverty crucial achievements effective connection with country revitalization work deployment, adhere to industry as the breakthrough point, and constantly consolidate development foundation, explore innovative benefit coupling mechanism, the introduction of national leading enterprises – jiangsu set up China animal husbandry co., LTD., the implementation of such feather broilers integration industry project 35 million,We will encourage poverty alleviation and monitoring households to embark on the path of common prosperity.Up to now, 863,600 square meters of standardized chicken sheds have been built, and 28 million broilers have been put on the market every year. More than 89 million broilers have been put on the market, and the sales revenue is 2.759 billion yuan, the income of farmers from generation rearing is 235 million yuan, and the average annual income of poverty-stricken households is 3,755 yuan.I. Four-party cooperation to break development bottlenecks.To solve the problems of poverty alleviation households’ lack of start-up capital and breeding technology, we will innovate the four-party cooperation mechanism of “government, banking and enterprises + poverty alleviation households” to achieve a reasonable division of labor, complementary advantages and coordinated development.First, the government takes the lead in raising capital.We provided 12 million yuan in government support funds, set up compensation funds for microcredit risks and start-up loan guarantee funds, and leveraged financial institutions to provide 33 million yuan in loans and 5.5 million yuan in discounted interest.An industrial support fund of 30.92 million yuan was set up to provide poverty alleviation households with interest-free industrial support fund loans of up to 10,000 yuan.The government will subsidize a special fund of 23 million yuan, and provide a subsidy of 20,000 yuan per household to poverty-stricken households to develop poultry farms.Second, enterprises should cooperate with each other.Company relies on abundant strength, the technical advantage, free distribution facilities of each chicken house worth 30000 yuan, the innovation for “eight” “generation”, “processing” long-term mechanism, poultry breeding prenatal during postnatal integration services, independent sales risk, price risk, risk, management risk of disease, relief the poverty family farming.Third, financial support to promote entrepreneurship.To have labor ability, loan intention, have a good credit poverty households, financial institutions to provide credit rating loans of 50000 yuan, loan term interest loans within 3 years, and combined with the actual agreed to loan up to age 65 years, 2021 new loans of 852200 yuan, ensure poverty households “borrow money raised chicken”;No less than 20% of the income from the household maintenance fee shall be used to repay the principal of the loan and effectively defuse the risk of loan funds.2. Accelerating project construction.Adhere to the allocation of factors and promote the rapid construction of broiler projects.First, we will adopt measures to promote projects.To study and formulate a series of policies and measures such as implementation opinions and work guidelines for the broiler integration project, and formulate project implementation plans based on the actual situation to ensure that the project is “fast and steady”.Second, the whole chain construction project.Focusing on the chain extension and chain supplement of the project, the company invested 500 million yuan, specially for the construction of “two farms, one factory and one platform”, to promote the development of automated chicken farms, hatcheries, feed plants and slaughtering and sales platforms, and build the whole industrial chain of the broiler project.At present, the stock of 260,000 sets of breeding chickens, the scale of annual hatching volume of 35 million feathers, feed plant annual output of 180,000 tons, sales platform daily trading volume of 100,000.Third, we will take multiple measures to ensure projects.Adhere to the priority development of the broiler industry, a total of more than 22 million yuan of all kinds of funds have been invested to install natural gas and special lines for feed plants and chicken farms, install 26 special transformers for breeding communities, build 4 broiler drinking water sources and 110 kilometers of industrial roads, transfer land of 98.1 mu, and 180.4 mu of land for supporting facilities.And adopt the form of joint construction shed, “enclave park” and so on to develop breeding community, solve the problem of land use.Third, innovative models to guide the participation of poverty-stricken households.To build a close interest connection mechanism, innovate three modes of “company + poverty alleviation”, “Party branch + specialized cooperative association + poverty alleviation” and “company + well-off mutual assistance group” to absorb poverty alleviation households into the chicken industry chain.First, the “company + poverty alleviation” benefit synergy mechanism.For the poverty-stricken households with labor ability and certain breeding technology, the company will sign a “surrogate breeding” agreement with the poverty-stricken households. The poverty-stricken households are engaged in surrogate breeding of broilers according to the company’s standards, and the company will pay the surrogate breeding fees according to the meat ratio.A total of 448 households out of poverty directly raised broilers, with an average annual income of 22,600 yuan.Second, the linkage mechanism of “Party branches + specialized cooperatives + poverty alleviation”.Under the leadership of the village Party branch, the poverty-stricken households lacking labor ability are organized to form specialized cooperatives by means of land and policy support funds, such as investment, to build unified breeding communities and hire professional managers to manage and operate them.Cooperative income 70% for dividends, 30% for the extraction of village collective economy.The income of poverty-stricken households is increased by means of dividends, wages of workers in farming communities and rent of land transfer.The district has set up 80 special cooperatives to bind 3364 households out of poverty in the chicken industry chain, and the annual income of each household is 800 yuan.Third, the “company + well-off mutual aid group” co-help mechanism.To have labor ability, the lack of labor skills out of poverty, take the poverty households to microfinance subsidy funds, such as idle land investment, industry, and homo habilis investors to form a “well-off” peer support, multi-family factory farming village, out of poverty through access to land rent, labor remuneration, form such as a shareholder dividends to increase their income, achieve development, poverty alleviation, “a model household income”.38 demonstration households and 113 poverty-stricken households were paired to develop broiler “generation rearing”, with an average annual income of 17,000 yuan.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: