The leggings belle of tall carry much appearance, simple individual character is comfortable, how can you?

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The leggings belle of tall carry much appearance, simple individual character is comfortable, how can you?.Leggings collocation skills, teach you to save money and good-looking bottom outfit wear rule!Black shirt with black wide-leg pants fresh and elegant, so babies can choose small black pants or this kind of clothing, can brighten your overall skin tone, but the two colors match the case, the baby must not wear too much.Collocation small white shoes, white classic and fashionable!Clothing matching skills: V-collar close-fitting style leggings not only trim the body and repair the collarbone, but also cover most of the neck, so babies must match a pair of good-looking single shoes when wearing it, so that the visual lengthen height!Clothing collocation skill: condole belt leggings to also can match trousers, is more hot, like this should match the other jacket don’t feel abrupt, babies can choose, T-shirt and white leggings to match, can also be your figure perfect foil, if must match a pair of sandals, it can choose a little lady sandals.Dress matching skills: many babies like to wear leggings but do not have any special thin items to match, such as black wide-leg pants can match white boots, giving a clean and refreshing feeling!Babies can choose small black pants or other top matching, it will not look too obtrusive, pure fairies can try!When collocation, attention should be paid to the collocation of leggings to loose, such as pants with white canvas shoes and high heels is good to look!Collocation do not too tight shoes, or it will appear that the leg is thicker, give a person a feeling of incompetence!Don’t wear a skimpy swimsuit with leggings to look sexy!Babies know collocation, can look proportion more good, it is ok to choose similar color, such as red wide leg pants collocation, black lace leggings can!Length is suggested to be a little bit longer is more appropriate, if you do not like the short fairy, you can choose the effect of long to the thigh!Clothing collocation skill: beret and high heels have visual effect, long babies when choice can choose color is deeper, or partial dark style, especially in the lower half black or color of skin is black baby inside, it is easier to appear long legs, like this ~ brief paragraph coat with a little bit longer wide-legged pants with such effect is very good!Dress matching skills: no skin feeling, no high-heeled shoes this kind of thing modification!But pay attention to the color of the bottom half and match the color of the leggings to your face to give the illusion of being skinny, rather than all-black!To sum up, the babies will get a cost-effective is the most important of the good, the little fairies should to understand the meaning of tie-in skill, actually we can see from the side of tie-in skill this stuff, double-edged, little fairies should use professional eye to select, after all, buy a suitable leggings really super important!Everyone has a love of beauty, but we should not give up her charm by spending too much money on bad clothes!The stupidest thing to do is to give yourself a choice of clothes and not just to show off what you are!