Original god info: the latest card pool news for version 2.5, wanye may be coming soon?

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Traveler: I heard that version 2.5 million leaves are reprinted?I’m not sure yet, but there is a possibility.From the picture of the explosion, the traveler and Wanye seem to be contradictory, even war.Because the picture appeared million leaves, it shows that there are million leaves story, million leaves may be copied.However, the puzzle is that this picture is not sure whether it is the 2.5 version. It may just be the Propaganda video for Chinese New Year or the PV of 2.6 version.Combined with uncle, big guy, ghost and other news, only confirmed 2.5 version of the eight god son in the first half, thor in the second half, and the heart of the sea, wanye will not be re-engraved is not sure.According to Lok, there is a 100% chance of thor being rewritten in version 2.5, a 49% chance of Wanye being rewritten, and a 79% chance of Xinhai being rewritten.The reproduction is too controversial. Just wait for official notification.It is expected to live before February 4, and it is not urgent these days.I heard that there is a big one in this preview broadcast. I don’t know what it is. It may be the Damask of god.If it’s any surprise, those photos are from The preview.Anyway, wanye will be copied sooner or later, planning to smoke wanye can prepare materials in advance.The best relic of Wanye Saint is a 4-piece set of wind, which costs a lot to brush. If you want to brush a good set, it may take several months, and it is not early to prepare.New Year new atmosphere, I wish all travelers a happy New Year, full of Gas.I heard that all the friends who read my article are lucky people, and their new characters can live for ten consecutive years. I don’t know if it’s true.* Everything is subject to the actual game!* Part of the material from the network, if there is tort liability please contact me.